hi guys im putting a post up hear now after having issue with the central locking after the siren playing up last week

i made a post up in the b6 section :
Why would my car alarm go off

so today iv scanned the car again today using vcds lite
so i used this setting to check :

and this is the fault:

and then i scanned on this setting:

and my fault:

im kinda hoping some body can help me get my remote locking working off my key fob again, now the original fault with my car was that the siren was going off on its own so i un-plugged it as it was late evening and no time to play then 2 days later my central locking stopped working on my key fob (both of them in fact) so i asked up on hear and searched on line and did the battery back up fix on the siren witch since its been done its working spot on not going off well only when triggered to test it, so im sure iv fixed this issue but now i cant get my central locking working now and its really annoying!!!

now sorry for a long winded post but im trying to give as much info as i can so this can be fixed now iv only got vcds lite version so im pretty limited on what i can do so please bare with me lol