Purchased a 2012 RNS-E LED for the A3. The car is an MY10 A3 Black Edition 2.0 TDI 170 3 door. It of course had Aux in from factory and also the standard factory fit Audi stereo for the Black Edition.

The bose, MFSW and all functions work a treat with it now I've fitted it - didn't even need to code anything in VCDS for that to work.

The only thing that doesn't work is the Aux-in lead or function. In my list of sources (through the RNS-E) I've got AMI as the only thing close.

Do I need to make any code changes and if so, what does the navigation coding value need to be now? I've changed the second last character to two different values (4 & 6) and nothing's a go-go, not working.

Do I need to follow the last part of Marc's guide from here - rnseauxin - Audi Retrofit
Is this where I'm at?
For those of you who already had the Aux In port before you fitted your RNS-e you can simply remove the three wires from the quadlock and insert them into the AV connector
Here's the pinout diagram for the Concert\Symphony II+. Just remove the AUX-R, AUX-L and AUX GND pins.

If you don't have an RNS-e but would like to add Aux In to your Concert\Symphony II+ then you can connect L,R and GND to the above pins and then using VAGCOM recode your head unit to


  • +1 = Analog Input (AUX)
  • +2 = Multifunction Steering Wheel
  • +4 = Telephone
In other words if you don't have phone prep or MFSW then you would recode your wheel to 01x0xxx, if you have MFSW you would recode to 03x0xxx, and if you have phone prep and MFSW then you would recode to 07x0xxx.
Little unsure on how that process goes in truth so any guidance for a DIY moron like me is welcome guys