I'm trying to look at blocks 14/15 to identify an intermittent missfire on my 96 A4 1.8 T (AUM engine) but the info VCDS is displaying for those blocks isn't right.
I have both VCDS lite an d VAG COM 409-1 installed.

VCDS gives me this:
block 14: rmp time knock reg knock reg
block 15: rmp time knock reg knock reg

and VAG COM 409-1 this:
block 14: rpm engine load cylinder 1 retard cylinder 2 retard
block 15: rpm engine load cylinder 4 retard cylinder 4 retard

What's going on? Am i looking at the wrong blocks? Can only scan 001-025 as I've only got the free versions but nothing looks like the missfire counters.

Any help greatly appreciated.