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    VAGCHECK - MED17 Remaps for the TSI/TFSI - Special offer

    VAGCHECK MED17 Tuning – Support for all current engine platforms 1.4TSI – 1.8TSI – 2.0TSI/TFSI

    It is with great pride we announce we are now ready with our Stage 1 & Stage 2 software tuning, for all VAG TSI/TFSI engine platforms utilizing the latest MED17 ECU’s.

    With the MED17 ECU being a new architecture our code developer has been very busy behind the scenes studying the strategies & control algorithms of this ECU family. Together with extensive engine calibration testing & data logging completed on both the road & the dyno, he has achieved nothing short of excellent results.

    This new family of ECU’s will be sure to test the skills of our competitors, particularly if trying to achieve the higher outputs as found with our Stage 2 code. Since the whole thermodynamic cycle is modeled within the code, an advanced knowledge of thermodynamics is required to correctly calibrate the associated models & constants.

    Multiple vehicles have been tested during the development phase, with several different rolling roads used from Dynomet, Maha, & Dynapack to verify our gains. We have averaged the peak recorded figures for all the power verification runs made, rather than just take our best peak figures for the highest run so as to indicate a realistic & repeatable improvement in gains.

    Expect delivery to feel as smooth as silk, with strong linear torque delivery these engines just want to keep pulling right up to the limiter. In fact our code developer jokes "VAG engineers have finally invented the real replacement for displacement.. the TSI engine"

    Our MED17 Stage 1 & 2 remaps are both suited to vehicles with stock hardware, although small engine modifications can be catered for with Stage 2. However since even things like air filter resistance are modeled in the ECU code, it is advisable for data logging checks to always be made when any future engine performance modifications are carried out, & code updates applied if required.

    For those planning more serious HW upgrades we will be offering our Stage 3 code to accommodate, & we expect the release to be no later than March 09.

    In the case of our MED17 Stage 1 code, this is a really light tune developed for the economy conscious looking for a more mild increase in performance & drivability, & whilst the gains are modest the remap still injects a new spark of life with the added benefit of maximum economy and durability.

    Our MED17 Stage 2 code is aimed at those wishing to achieve the very best yet safe gains from their vehicle, & we will spend longer with the vehicle data logging & fine tuning to achieve this. You can be assured of blistering performance, with the above mentioned exceptionally smooth & linear delivery.

    All our MED17 tuning keeps the hardware well within component tolerances, & we do not exceed the turbo specifications as they are set by the manufacturer. Neither do we raise the backpressure & shaft over spin limiters, & these are kept at stock settings with both our Stage 1 & Stage 2 code.

    Also worth noting with our Stage 2 code, is the fact that under wide open throttle our EGT levels are lower than found with the stock code due to our fuelling strategies, & this offers better component protection during WOT cycles which is certainly a consideration for the more aggressive driver or those considering track use.

    We required new equipment to flash these ECU’s via the diagnostic port, & again our developer has tested all the available market options before we made our final choice of tool based upon reliability, stability & recovery. This is now on order & we are expecting delivery mid to late January.

    We are scheduling appointments from Monday January 26th, & as a special launch offer for forum members we will apply a Ł75 discount to the prices below for all bookings made before February 28th providing a small deposit can be taken to secure your booking.

    Further to this we will offer one forum member, the chance to have our MED17 Stage 1 or Stage 2 code applied without any charge whatsoever. All we would ask for is a detailed forum write up of your honest findings of our service, & feedback on the remap itself.

    We would prefer the free MED17 remap offer is taken up by a keen & knowledgeable enthusiast, who is able to make a factually accurate post in order for it to be as informative as possible for other forum members. This offer is not for those just seeking a free remap, & cannot give accurate feedback !

    MED17 gains & pricing as follows. Please mail us with your vehicle details, if you would like more information for your individual application contact@vagcheck.com

    1.4TSI (Turbo)
    Stage 1 up to 145bhp - 245Nm/180ftlb (Eco tune) @ Ł299 all in
    Stage 2 up to 160bhp - 270Nm/199ftlb (Performance tune) Ł399 all in

    1.4TSI (Twincharger)
    Stage 1 up to 190bhp - 270Nm/199ftlb (Eco tune) @ Ł349 all in
    Stage 2 up to 205bhp - 295Nm/217ftlb (Performance tune) @ Ł449 all in

    Stage 1 up to 205bhp - 300Nm/221ftlb (Eco tune) @ Ł399 all in
    Stage 2 up to 220bhp - 325Nm/239ftlb (Performance tune) @ Ł499 all in

    Stage 1 up to 245bhp - 350Nm/258ftlb (Eco tune) @ Ł399 all in
    Stage 2 up to 260bhp - 380Nm/280ftlb (Performance tune) @ Ł499 all in

    The VAGCHECK team.
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    Some feedback from one of our happy 2.0TFSI MED17 customers

    Quote Originally Posted by Bergy View Post
    Ok, the forum may not need yet another remap review but I’ve taken the time to write this one because there is precious little out there about the facelift cars fitted with the new MED17 ECUs and the remaps available for them. Hopefully it’s a useful read for some.

    I took delivery of the new 2.0T Quattro S-Tronic a few months ago and had already made up my mind about a remap based on the abundant information from VW and Audi forums (particularly this one). I had originally intended to plump for the S3, but because the car was a joint purchase between myself and my DSG loving girlfriend, I had to compromise - go for the 2.0T DSG and hope to improve the performance. I should add that, at the time, my Audi dealer informed that there “was no way the S3 was coming out with a DSG box” . This guy really knew his stuff - also informing me that the engines were identical to the outgoing models and that it’s purely a cosmetic change for 2009...

    I quickly found out that this wasn’t the case after excitedly unwrapping my newly purchased Bluefin, plugging it in and watching in disappointment as error codes flashed up on it’s little digital screen instead of the “remap successfully applied” message I was expecting. A phone call to Superchips revealed that I would need to bring the car to them to get it sorted while they updated the Bluefin product to work with the new cars. A 2 hour drive to Buckingham and 2 hours in the workshop only yielded an apologetic Jamie who conceded that they clearly hadn’t mastered the new ECU in these cars yet.

    With that, I hit google and the forums and began searching for info about these new cars and trying to find someone who had actually remapped them successfully. The usual names came up and I was initially tempted by Revo, but put off by the lack of knowledge of the dealers combined with the comparatively high price for a generic mapping. Luckily I came across a detailed post from the guys at Vagcheck expressly detailing their solution for the MED17 ECU and posting some impressive bhp figures too. Some reassuringly technical email exchanges with Morgan convinced me that he knew what he was talking about and the challenges with the new chain drive engines - I booked myself in...

    This should be the point where I start talking about how smoothly things went from now on – but unfortunately they didn’t. My car refused to respond to the new maps and displayed the same behaviour that Superchips found with a failing security checksum preventing the car from starting more than once . Fortunately, Morgan and his code developer refused to give in and I was sent on my way; assured that their experience and some R&D time would get us somewhere with this particularly stubborn car. Well, it did, and last week I spent a morning with Vagcheck successfully applying the Stage 1 and Stage 2 remaps.

    Stage 1.

    Stage 1 was initially put on the car to test that Vagcheck’s work had paid off and for me to initially experience the more subtle and “economically focussed“ version of the software, which only increased stock by 20% or so to ~245bhp(!). I can’t comment too much on this version as I only went out for a short data logging run with Morgan, but it was an obvious improvement which gave the car a nice positive edge over stock. It’s definitely something I would be more than happy with but it’s hard to gush too much about this version as I’ve been driving stage 2 since then...

    Stage 2

    I’ll admit that another factor of contacting Vagcheck was the mention that ~262bhp was achievable from an OBD port remap. Most tuners offer 240-250 so I was pretty excited by the prospect, if a little sceptical if I’m honest. So, on went the stage 2 software and off we went with Morgan sitting beside me with his laptop logging what’s happening, which as it turned out, was a good thing. The gear changes seemed initially rough at low speed and the first time I gave it full throttle the car started to misfire . However, I knew that this is the rub when you are having custom remap enabling higher than average gains and hoped it could be fixed by looking at the logs from my particular vehicle.

    In about 10 mins of analysing the log data, Vagcheck’s developer had identified an issue with the ignition timing and a new tailored file was uploaded and off we went. The results are nothing short of astonishing. I’ve never had a remap before but the power gains seemed immense to me and my driver’s seat was shoving into my back continually once the turbo spooled up, giving a little extra hit each time the DSG flicked to the next gear. This was all starting to be very worth the hassle.

    Morgan recorded an air mass reading suggesting ~270bhp which you would confidently say made the 262bhp claim a realistic ball park. It certainly feels like it, and the power is there continually right up to, and past, speeds that are going to get you in serious trouble. I could wax lyrical about the confident overtaking and big smiles, but that’s kinda obvious with those sorts of figures. Delivery is impressively smooth and predictable (well, predictable once you’ve got over the initial shock and are used to it!).

    What about everyday driving? Well, two things I don’t like in the stock car are that when in Drive mode, the DSG box tends to change up at very low revs making the car feel a little laboured at times. The other issue is that Sport mode always tends to hang on to the gears a little too long so you end up screaming the engine when you really don’t want to. There’s no happy medium for me. The map gives higher low down torque so Sport mode now seems to change up a little earlier while the engine is making more of a nice new “growl” rather than the scream, and you obviously have more usable power at those revs too. Predictably, D mode now also changes up at lower revs which perhaps exacerbates the original problem with it being a little bogged down, but it’s fine for sedate driving and makes it easier to keep the fuel bills down too. I certainly prefer it as I rarely need to use the paddles to force an up-change when in sport mode and the engine-revs and noise are a little reduced for my normal motorway speeds in D mode.

    I hope this has been interesting for anyone looking to remap one of the new cars and anyone thinking about using Vagcheck. I really don’t think of the car as a compromise anymore and I’m loving the performance gains. It’s pretty unusual to find your expectations exceeded these day too. They aren’t the biggest name but I doubt I would have found better technical ability, professionalism and dedication elsewhere and they seem to have an exceptional product here too. I know Morgan and Wak are better known for their work with TTs and anyone with a new 2.0T engine model should definitely give them a call as this Stage 2 on that car would be awesome.

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    I take it this means the free offer is no more?
    07 2.0T SLine SE V2 Quattro, Full Milltek with hi-flow sports cat, APR Stage 2+ 280BHP/325lb/ft, APR HPFP, K&N panel, S4 alloys, Spacers, Black Optics, Eibachs, RS4 grill and fogs, Fog tints, RS4 ARB, RS4 Gearstick, LCR splitter, Black Calipers, Drilled discs, Debadged, Colour DIS, Bose, Adaptive Xenons/DRL, Black/Silver Audi Exclusive leather, Audi Carbon inlays, carbon difuser/B pillars, RNS-E+/Bluetooth, Cruise, Int/ext light packs, Rain/light sensors, mudflaps, LED plate/side/boot/interior

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    Quote Originally Posted by razza1 View Post
    I take it this means the free offer is no more?
    Hi razza,

    I am afraid you are correct in that regard, both the FOC calibration & discounted offer are now taken/expired.

    However we are planning on holding a discounted remap weekend (maybe even a week) for forum members, keep an eye on our sub forum for details in the near future.

    Kind regards



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