VAGCHECK can now supply and install Laser Pro Park parking systems.
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One customer (as in the pics has it installed) as do I, He was very pleased with it on a trip to France recently as it recognised a officer was trying to get his speed and he commented on how well it detected the signal for a sensible period of time and then cleverly switched itself off to allow a speed to be taken.

Its not a garage door opener.

The LPP is a laser based parking sensor that is very effective specially if you have to reverse into a garage it works really well for getting close to the wall.

You must understand it is not like the "radar" based bumper nipples more commonly seen. It uses a laser beam and at close range it has a narrow beam.

If you used a single head system in the rear as in this setup..

looking at the parking barriers in the background, the laser could hit an extremity, it could hit a dip in the barrier, it could even fire into a gap if the height made it in-line of the laser head.
In these cases you must use caution and objectively consider its abilities as a parking sensor compared to Radar based solutions.

However, its effectiveness in detecting external interference and dealing with it is superb and it does that very well specially recommended to have a front unit to help you park up close to things as you can see the height of barriers in front.

It is an excellent piece of kit and you should read this link for some really useful information on it.

Fitting prices will be dependant on the car and subject to a review of the vehicle.

Please contact us if you have any further questions