Vagcheck are now proud to able to offer our Stage 3 fully custom remaps for modified VAG petrol models.

We have been very busy behind the scenes for some time now, ensuring that what we offer with our Stage 3 is to the same high standards we offer with our other stages.

Our file developer for our Stage 3 code has a unique & deep understanding of the many variables & parameters that the ECU controls, and there skill in manipulation of the code is second to none.

All code is developed using official documentation & routines, & we believe you will not find a better fully bespoke file creation from any of our competitors.

Whether its for a hybrid or big turbo conversion to race cat & cams, each file is developed specifically for each individual vehicle & its modifications to get the very best gains, whilst still ensuring the safety of the engine components. Our skills in data logging will ensure you are getting a reliable and effective tune for your modified vehicle and by concentrating on using our skills in conjunction with our tuners we are sure you will get the best remap for your setup.

Pricing is subject to the exact vehicle & its modifications & we will quote on an individual basis, however we think you will find our prices very competitive.

Again dependent on the exact nature of the modifications dictates the time scale we need to complete the work, however as a guideline mapping a 1.8T big turbo conversion built around known components would normally take between 1 to 2 days.

We also offer in conjunction with the remap or as an individual service.

Lambda defeat for de-cat applications.

Immobiliser defeat for engine transplants.

Sensor re-scaling/calibrating for example larger MAF housings.

As with all our remap stages our tuner will always endeavour to ensure that the tuning encompasses the best it can for your vehicle !

Files are always created from the manufacturers original for the specific ECU hardware/software version, and incorporate any known bug fixes that need to be made ( Even the factory code can have errors ! )

Please contact us if you would like anymore information.

The Vagcheck Team