If you live in the vicinity of Northamptonshire and you are looking for a great workshop to get your kit fitted or for a general service, you could do a lot worst than to try out RGS Motorsport in Northampton.

RGS is run by Gary Ward, ex F1 test driver, and still involved actively in motorsport proactively training up the youth from our green and pleasant lands.

And fortunately the prices aren't F1 standard either.

As you can imagine from a man with this kind of motorsport exposure, RGS has a breadth of experience, attention to detail, and have a real feel of a family business with a passion for customers who have a 'mature mindset' towards modifying.

I am more than aware it's hard to find good independents to support you in your quest to your modifications. After the time they spent carefully fitting then addressing every annoying resonance from the heat shield on our exhaust, I can heartily recommend them.

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