First off to the moderators I hope this is ok to post in here but if not then please feel free to delete, and sorry if any offence is caused.

I am organising a Free to all bbq and open day at Rare rims in Credition, Devon on Bank holiday Monday May 27th in association with the SXOC if anyone is interested in attending

The plan is to get as many like minded car enthusiasts together for a good get together and a chance to check out each others cars. We are looking at a civilised chilled out event and will not tolerate bad driving or law breaking behavior

Rare rims will have a selection of their current range of rota wheels on show and I have heard rumors that their arch roller will be available to use FOC to those that need it (people use this tool at their own risk).

For more info please see the link below

Free to all BBQ and open day at Rare Rims (Rota wheels Europe) Bank Hol Monday 27th