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Flyer now live for everyone

We have confirmed Kames for Sunday 6th June 2010

If you are part of a club and want to have a stand, then please drop a Pm to any Crew Member

Please help us promote the show across all the boards by copying in the HTTP link, all you need to do is click Quote (Bottom Right of the thread) and then you will see the link that can be copied and pasted.

A list of names that are attending would be good and lets make this a good Scottish show

To add, there is no official timing gear at the event - however you may be able to get the times of someone PM me for more details if you catch my drift.............

There will be a limit on the amount of track cars that can get on, prob around 20 but lets see the interest first

Please note that this is a sprint track, its you against the clock there are no other cars on track. Normal rules are that is 3 laps then off. Prob go for this but we will wait and see how many peeps want on the track

If you want to be a Trader at the show please get in touch

Paid Members will get an area close the action - based on feedback from the last show

Club Stands will also get close to the action

Non Paid Members and not members of another club stand will be further away but this is a small venue and your 1/2 mins from any action

The canteen will be open by EACC and it will serve a hot and cold snack select from the off

Show n Shine will take place on the elevated area along from the canteen. Please arrive early to minimise movement.

Track action is continious all day with a lunch break for 30 mins

Aim to finsh around 4pm on the day with prize giving and Raffle being drawn just before

Google Earth Pic ... 10943&z=17

Anyone from here fancy going? maybe get an Audi-Sport club stand??

Cheers Davie