from another site. Wanna see as many folks there as possible. It's free

Ok guys and girls, after the success of all our previous open days & training days etc we are doing it again to kick the detailing season off right, this is a 100% free day, with demos comps and basic OCD chat and advise from Enthusiasts, pro detailers, traders & MFR's

The meet will be held at our work shop in Ware Hertfordshire, the meet is total free for any one who wants to attend, food and drinks will also be available to purchase on the day.

The date 30th of May, the time 10am - 4pm

Whas going on (this list will grow so keep checking back for updates)

Show and shine

Open to all to enter this show and shine comp is going to be judged rigorously and the winner will receive OVER 200! of detailing goodies for there hard work and efforts. judging will be out of 200 points on a 1-10 scale of 20 criteria, we will post the judges criteria sheet in due course.

Dodo Prototype

Dodo Juice will be giving you a sneek peak of there up and coming products for 09-10 with a chance to see them in action and cast your verdict (SN machine stick was a classic at the last meet no one can wax as quick as Adds2K)


We will have the likes of Auto Glym, Auto Smart and Serious performance in attendance for you to stock up and indulge your passion for all things Wax

Dw Legends:

We will be contacting certain people from this very forum who's vehicles we believe to be a DW legend, hopefully you will get to see those rides you have seen time and again in epic threads on this very forum, "in the metal" from garage queens - detailers work horses (contact me if you want your car in this section)

So that's Sat the 30th of May, at Auto Finesse work shop in Hertfordshire, we will be going all out on this one as it may be the only one we have a chance to host in 09.

All are welcome, from newbie - pro

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