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  1. How man liters of oil on A3 2006?
  2. Metal Rattling Noise Coming From Rear When Going Over Small Bumps - A4 Saloon 2007
  3. Part number request
  4. Recoding to activate aux on rns-e help??
  5. Adding an extra lighter socket
  6. Tiptronic gearbox removal.
  7. 2006 Audi A3 S Line, strange hissing sound when letting off accelerator
  8. PLEASE HELP! MIL light not coming on with ignition and engine will not start
  9. Is their a "seconds" market for genuine oem wheels?
  10. Sai help please
  11. BWA TFSI Erratic Idling
  12. Engine mgt light has come on. Help
  13. Seized screws and silver plating.
  14. What aux cable/converter do i need
  15. Audi A3 car alarm keeps going off
  16. Advice on a broken plastic arm on a manifold Actuator 2001 A6 V8
  17. Chorus 2 to RNS-E Mk1
  18. led indicators - blown bulb / fast blinking effect a6 avant 1.8T 1998 SE
  19. Vw air bags
  20. Audi Self-Study Programme - The Advanced Maintenance Concept - Useful Info!
  21. New tires Vettel
  22. Problem undoing bolt on Suspension
  23. Cambelt Change - Manchester Area
  24. Arm rest b7
  25. Broken brake pad sensor cable
  26. Petrol to diesel????????
  27. MyAudi security issue
  28. Slow speed steering not centering?
  29. Advice on stop and start
  30. Cabriolet Flat Battery issues
  31. B7 head unit - cant accept MICRO SD card?
  32. C5 a6 heater failure / clima death
  33. converting CD plus music files to sd card
  34. Audi A3 2010 faulty dashboard
  35. Audi A4 B6 Cruise control and sat nav fitment.
  36. H&R a3 rear springs-touching at bottom
  37. retro fit tpms ?
  38. Electro steering light
  39. TT wheels
  40. Audi A4 Ronal wheel bolts specifications please
  41. Headlight washer pumps for S3
  42. Ash tray not closing
  43. bad mpg. Audi a6 1.9 tdi 130 awx. 2002 .
  44. A4 heater not working.
  45. Is this supplier any good??
  46. revs 900rpm
  47. No TV on MMI system
  48. Help needed asap audi a3 8p no locking windows not going up
  49. help needed turbo egr cooler fault a4 blb 2.0 tdi
  50. Repaint and straighten out list on drivers door
  51. Audi A3 Engine Coolant Issue
  52. After a bit of help working out vehicle spec.
  53. Help Needed - Someone with an A3 quattro and VCDS
  54. Headlight
  55. What needs to be removed to replace accessory belt on A4 B7 3.2l?
  56. Haldex issues
  57. Which number plate LEDs?
  58. A3 concert 2 head unit dead
  59. Removing oil pump s3 8p?
  60. Audi concert shuts off sound when adjusting volume.
  61. 2.5 TDI A8 D2 Overheating
  62. A6 3.0 TDI Q Electronical Fault? in Morning (Video Included)
  63. Replace injector wiring loom/harness A3 2.0 tdi (06-)
  64. Parts data base
  65. Fuel pump relay '409' pin out
  66. 2004 2.0tdi A3 Loss of power steering
  67. Vibration on low acceleration and rattle noise on idle
  68. Audi A4 B6 - Replace upper chrome window surround (inc rear 1/4 surround) - HOW TO
  69. Parking Lights Automatically turn off ?
  70. No power, can't open car, switch it on, switch on lights etc etc!
  72. A4 Brake Servo
  73. Brake pedal really hard
  74. Help! I can't save the text centre number in MMI 3G+.
  75. 3.0 v6 TFSI engine to gearbox query
  76. 8E Audi A4 Distance computer coding
  77. A3 starting problem
  78. Audi A3 Sportback in Litres per gallon
  79. Mk2 Leon navigation system
  80. Does Quattro reduce 'final power to wheels'?
  81. AXX block engine Crank, what fits?
  82. Good GPS tracker for your car?
  83. Removing wire from harness
  84. Dashboard Air Vent removal?
  85. opinions on sachs 4 paddle sintered clutch for high hp a3 quattro
  86. Cable operated hose clamp pliers in the UK?
  87. Auto dimming rear view wiring...
  88. cambelt on 2003 s3
  89. Black = worse colour?!?
  90. q7 3.0 tdi 2006
  91. bleeding cooling system
  92. A4 b8 rear door module problem with illuminated door handle retrofit
  93. What oil for B6 2.5 tdi service?
  94. AGU Dead :(
  95. Excessive fuel and oil comstion B6 S4
  96. Could anyone tell me what this is please
  97. Tyre and wheel sizes
  98. hi im new to this so dont know if thus is the right place to post
  99. Audi A4 Avant 2004 sat nav/radio in safe mode.
  100. Cleaning exhaust pipes, getting them back to their original colour
  101. Dsg fuse positions
  102. help with my a3 plzzzz
  103. 2006 a6 multitronic problem/question
  104. a4 b6 b pillar crash sensor replacement (help with buying the replacement)
  105. Various Audi HOW TO tips n tricks
  106. A4 3.0 v6 misfire!!
  107. A4 B6 2.4 V6 Throttle body error.
  108. Indicator warning light faulty
  109. Audi a3 converting from single din to double din
  110. audi a3 1.8TQS gtx3582r supporting mods required?
  111. a3 1.8TQS engine swap for 3.2 vr6 possible turbo or TT 3.2 to twin turbo?
  113. 1.8t Engine code AJQ from a 1999 4WD TT, easy swap to fit 1.8t AUQ from 2005 2 WD ???
  114. Audi Connect (rsap) Online services help!!
  115. Service reset
  116. BT Cellnet aerial removal
  117. SD card / MP3 help please
  118. Heater matrix or something else
  119. Haldex Service.
  120. Gearbox, diff & transfer box recommendations HERE >
  121. audi A3 2007 heated seats
  122. Fitting S3 buckets (how to wire up) help please.
  123. Heat Resistant 501 LED Sidelights (error free)
  124. CF tire valve stem caps and TPMS
  126. Copper Washers
  127. Audi A3 1.6 1999 Speedo Issue
  128. Urgent help needed!!!!!!
  129. coilover help!!
  130. How do I get rid of scabs off chrome rimmed wheels?
  131. which sensors control Fueling? 2.0TFSI
  132. Aero Wipers Refurbishment.
  133. Iphone 3gs cradle
  134. Replace wing mirror glass - 1600 A3 4-door Technik Dec 2010
  135. Chrome plater
  136. Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda Workshop Manual Procedure & Wiring Diagram Requests (Elsa)
  137. Captive nut repair with blind rivet nut
  138. A4 S-Line braking problem
  139. Slightly complicated question about part warranties.
  140. skoda octavia vrs high timing pull
  141. Audi a3 tdi power loss
  142. Interchangeable Parts - Audi TT MK1 (8N) to Audi S3 MK1 (8L)
  143. Elsawin Anyone?
  144. Audi S3 gearbox HELP!
  145. A3 Disc covers, are they necessary?
  146. audi A6 q 98 number plate light not working
  147. What do I need to retrofit DIS to my A6
  148. Audi Independent in Essex
  149. RS4 front grill for an A4 3.0 tdi Quattro S-line Black edition - 2012 facelift
  150. S3 2000 - No Boost and Oil Leak
  151. 17705 prersure drop between turbo and throttle valve p1297
  152. audi a4 injector fault
  153. help seat air bag wire??
  154. Why VAG K+CAN COMMANDER 3.6 can't work on my car´╝č
  157. MemoScan VAG5053 VW AUDI Scanner user manual
  158. Brake Sensor Cable Connector Broken
  159. MAF Sensor S3
  160. Funny smells
  161. Brake light issue
  162. Want to fit S3 recaro seats into a A3 tdi 130 sport, is it possible?
  163. Opie Oils - Get prepared for the winter
  164. Turbo noise
  165. How to? Turbo Removal
  166. A4 B5 bleeping, but no warning lights
  167. Puddle/Warning Light A4 B7 Retro Fit How To (should also apply to B6)
  168. Trouble shooting & lingo guide 1.8T
  169. Windscreen wiper linkage prices
  170. Bluetooth Pairing problem
  171. Repairing split rims
  172. Changing headlight bulbs.....What gloves?
  173. Audi A4 Cabriolet 2005 easy entry front passenger seat mechanism broken?
  174. rear brake calipers
  175. Bluetooth / DIS problem
  176. Error code help please!
  177. Pollen filter
  178. Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor
  179. CAR WONT START: AUDI A3 Emergency Fuel Shut-Off Device Air bags deployed.
  180. A6 headlight (2000 c5 ??)
  181. A4 1.9 TDi 2nd gear crunch
  182. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  183. Gearbox/Peloquin Diff Fitting advice HELP
  184. Keyfob fallen apart
  185. Opie Oils - The Making of an Engine Oil
  186. Exclusive to Opie Oils - Castrol Edge MSport Experience
  187. Buy 5L of Fuchs Titan XTR & get 1L Free
  188. EGR Fault
  189. 2005 5dr A3 2.0TDI 12v Socket and rear manual blinds
  190. Lack of boost pressure
  191. Bucket seats
  193. Need a little help please
  194. ElsaWin
  195. Head gasket replacement on audi a3 1.6 akl
  196. chrome trim removal on b7 grill
  197. Fuel injection
  198. Long time to start - hunting with misfire
  199. Thermostat housing bolts
  200. Changing Wing Mirrors
  201. 4BO 951 173 ALARM WIRING DIAGRAM?
  202. Audi A3 Quattro VIBRATION NOISE HELP
  203. Just got my 2001 A3 - fuel & temp gauge fault.
  204. Turbo not coming in????
  205. Auto Electrician Nottm
  206. Front wiper motor replace on A4 B6
  207. Help needed in Nottingham area
  208. Help needed - resetting Service on Dashboard..
  209. Pixel repair on S6?
  210. Replacing steering control module.
  211. Audi Central locking pump compatibility?
  212. Load rating on alloys?
  213. A6 hazard switch / relay constant ticking noise
  214. Any advice please. Coolant issue + strange noise
  215. Heated seats retrofit
  216. Help!Starter motor problem?
  217. 3rd Post, 2001 Allroad A6 TDI 2.5 180
  218. x28-1 fuse
  219. A6 1.8t AEB oil problem
  220. A4 B5 auto box issues
  221. URGENT!!! Changed the battery in my fob now it dont work??
  222. 1.8T rebuild....now not starting!
  223. Rear window wiper
  224. K03 to K04
  225. DRL Fitting
  226. locking wheel nuts duffed
  227. LED car lights
  228. Hazard Warning Switch stays illuminated
  229. Steering noise maybe
  231. A4 rear lights
  232. HELP!!! My drivers side door is being silly!
  233. Airbag problems......
  234. HELP!!!! Heater problems
  235. How do I take off interior plastic panel tailgate /boot lid on A3
  236. 1.8t Lingo
  237. The best way to replace PS fluid?
  238. turbo intermmitent
  239. 1.8 turbo engine rebuild how to vids
  240. 8L S3 Hazard Relay issue, possibly?
  241. I cant open my boot, passenger door or roof.. help
  242. Disable seatbelt chime using VAG COM
  243. Oil & Cold Starts - Good Advice from Opie Oils
  244. B5 a4 tdi upper suspension arm
  245. How to fit Auto Lights/Wipers & Auto Dim Mirror to 2006 RS4
  246. A4 (B5) 1.8T - Blue smoke/oil burn
  247. A4 rear caliper
  248. A3 Exhaust
  249. Diy cambelt change A3 2.0Tdi for Fairly competent/ confident DIY mechanic. How hard??
  250. Headlights question

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