Evening all,

Sandra and Adam have gotten their heads together and started a Scotland-specific sub forum. The main idea behind it is to let us North of the border set-up and discuss local meets, but hopefully it will also become a base for local swaps/help (if someone needs VCDS urgently, or a lend of some spacers while wheels are refurbed etc) without it all being lost in amongst the main forum traffic.


Head on over, and have a gander. We are planning a kick-off meet at Braehead Audi (Renfrew, Glasgow) on July 1st around 12pm to put faces to names, and to have a good nosey around each other's cars. All are welcome, even those on the 'wrong' side of the border, and any non-Audi friends that want to tag along. The more the merrier.

Hopefully see you all there (the meet, and the Scotland forum)