hi guys,

Couple of qustion for you's...
I've the Kufatec Fiscon BT Module and seems everything works relatively well.
I have read about coding the Kufatec but I can't find any documentation to show me how to.
Also should I be able to check the coding in #77 on VCDS? As I can't get into #77 at all.
The reason I ask is because I want to increase my mic as I have been told its ****, and try and change the ringtone.

Q2, I have 2010 Nav disk and also the #660 crack for SDS. Can't use it yet as I haven't a MFSW I have the RS4 Flat Btm.
Anyway I don't see the DSP or GALA in my Volume settings... Any suggestions? (I do have the BOSE connected now tho, sound is actually much better. First time I tried it I wasn't too impressed, now its excellent).

So these are a couple of thing that have been on my mind and after trying for days to get some info I have failed, hence this post...

Thanks in advance guys,