Hi guys,

Haven't posted for a while, but had to share this - an RNS-E skin for Windows Media Player I developed about 7 years ago


I used to be a software developer and was experimenting with programming WMP. I hit on the idea of developing a skin from a screenshot of the RNS-E.

It's fully functional, so you can skip tracks, start/stop, switch between the visualiser and track list, shuffle, repeat and so on. There is a link to the now defunct navplus.us site (which I think has merged with another forum) that used to be a brilliant RNS-E resource. It should also play videos.

Remember, this is a skin for Windows Media Player - it's absolutely nothing to do with the RNS-E, you don't need the RNS-E and no other software installed. It's merely the skin.

Anyway, for you Windows diehards, here's a link to download it. All free of charge, obviously After download, double-click the file and you'll be prompted to view it. The skin overwrites the standard WMP skin.