I have for sale a pair of brackets to fit an OEM front upper strut brace to your B5 A4.

These are genuine A6 strut brace brackets, still in theyre bags, which will bolt directly to the top of an B5 / B5.5 A4 or passat inner wing, the brace bar then runs between them.

You can either use an S4/RS4/TQS cross bar and redrill the holes, or do a I was going to do and buy a length of alluminium bar and drill it to suit. This wouldnt be expensive from ebay.
The how too guide is here: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/wheel32.shtml

I bought this for my now sold 2000 A4 2.8Quattro, but they will any B5 chassis that doesnt already have the OEM mounts which I beleive are only fitted to S4/RS4/TQS shells as standard.

Any queries please give me a shout

£25 + £3 postage.