I've just sold my S3 with its standard wheels, so I'm putting these uber rare wheels up for sale.

OZ Ultraleggera HLT x 4
ET 38
9.9kg (each)

The wheels come with brand new 235/35/19 Vredenstein Ultrac Sessanta tyres (cost me £640).

The wheels are in excellent condition, no kerbing or dings. The only marks on 2 of the wheels are where a stone has flicked up and slightly chipped the paint.

I've got the original sales invoice for these, they were over £2,500 new, the wheels alone cost £422 each!

I've polished the wheels with Autoglym SRP and sealed them with Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax and dressed the tyres with Meguiars Endurance tyre gel.

Just to note, these save 3.8kg a corner over OEM b5 RS4 wheels (13.7kg), equating to 91.2kg less sprung weight! (3.8 x 4 = 15.2kg less unsprung weight, which is equivalent of (3.8x6x4) 91.2kg less sprung weight)...

Looking for £1100 collected from Stamford, Lincs.

I can also have the wheels completely refurbished and sprayed in buyers colour of choice for an extra £200.