I have for sale some new never used snow socks I bought for my Audi A4 B6. These snow socks will fit wheel sizes:

17" Wheels
205/50/R17 215/50/R17 235/45/R17 255/40/R17

18" Wheels
205/40/R18 235/40/R18 255/35/R18

19" Wheels
Snow socks by Multi Grip
Easy alternative to Snow Chains
Come in pack of 2 Snowsocks (required on Drive wheels only)
Supplied with 1 pair plastic gloves
Zipped storage bag included
TUV approved
Designed for emergency situations for snow and ice
Easy to fit - Simply slip on like a Sock onto your Drive Wheels as far as possible; roll/drive car forward approx 1 metre and finish off putting Socks into place
Completely reuseable, they are light and easy to keep in your car boot just in case you get caught and they do work! Hi-tech fabric traction together with the high flexibility of the tread belt fabric:-
£50 inc of postage

See link for all sizes and full description of product. Snow Socks | Snowsocks | Tyre Socks | Multi Grip