Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Sport
2000 W plate
183k miles
MOT unti Mar 2014
Tax until Oct 2013

I'm looking to sell my A4 which I've owned for around 6 months.
I bought the car as a cheap runaround when we had the bad snow earlier this year, my other car was useless so I figured this would be handy as it's 4x4.
I've ended up keeping it a bit longer than I intended as it's a pretty nice car just to cruise around in. Ultimately though I really don't need 3 cars
so I'd like to find the Audi a new home.

The car is in good condition, mechanically everything works as it should it goes pretty well (it has been remapped) with no smoke or dodgy noises from
the engine. The gearbox, clutch, brakes and suspension also work as they should.
The car is quite high mileage but it drives like a car that's done far fewer miles. Alot of the common things that go wrong on these have already been
sorted on this one, the instrument cluster display was repaired as it suffered the usual pixel problem, the stereo also had the volume fixed after it stuck
on loud, again a common problem. The ABS module has been replaced.

On top of that it's got a decent history and a folder full of invoices, with the last oil change being done at 178k so around 10k to go before the next
one is due (although personally I'd do it every 5k). The previous owner also changed the water pump and belts as well as fitting a replacement turbocharger
not long before I bought it.

It's had the wheels refurbed in the last year, so they look nice with plenty of life left in all the tyres. The bodywork is generally good
(as can be seen in the pictures) and it's a very rare colour. It does have the odd scratch, carpark dint and spot of corrosion here and there as you'd
expect on a 13 year old car but none detract from the overall look of the car.

The car is available for viewing of an evening after 6 or at weekends. If you have any specific questions please feel free to pm me and I'll do my best
to answer them.