Hi guys!

Well, what can I say? It's been a pleasure to be on the forum and meet all the boffins (and use a lot of their brain power :) )

However, time has come to sell my S3. I'm doing a lot more miles now, and it is just too thirsty for me now :( Will definitely buy another when I can though!!

I've spent the last year spending a lot of time, effort and money on the car, and apart from a few remaining small issues (listed in the ad), she's running great. You guys know all about the car already really, so just the main stats.

Headline stats:
Milage - 135k (will go up as still my daily drive)
Full service, front discs and pads at 134k (about a week ago)
MOT 12 months (with zero advisories) until end of 2013
6 months tax

Car currently has the following mods:
- Full suspension, dogbone and anti-roll bar POWERFLEX polyurethane bush kit; car feels much tighter now and handles very well, ride is still comfortable
- Exhaust was de-cated, but I have recently put the OEM twin-400-cell CATs back on. I will supply to decat pipe if you want it
- Facelift rear tail lights
- Charge pipe hose changed to Forge upgraded silicone hose
- Various under bonnet hoses changed for upgraded silicone
- N249 bypass; I have the parts to return to stock if desired
- BRAND NEW set of 4 18" gloss black alloy wheels with Kumho Ecsta tyres

Am open to offers, special ASN prices obviously too :) No PX though i'm afraid.

All of the details and the rest of the pictures etc are here:

Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure!