A quick rant...

Cleaning the car, properly, two buckets, etc. means that one gets a really good look at the paintwork. I've only had this car a week (although it's a 2010 model) and I can see constellations of tiny white stone chips among the black paint. I've also found a number of really poor touch-up attempts on the bonnet, plus a few bubbles that look just like galvanic corrosion on the rear pillars.

I have to stand about 6 feet away from the car, otherwise my eye keeps looking for these blemishes that I know are there. Should I spend hours on end trying to get it sorted, or just enjoy driving and forget about it...saving up for a respray in the future (which I guess would be £3k+ at least)

(HAMFCS = half-a*sed-mother-f*ing-chicken-sh*t, which is pretty much what I muttered to myself as I was drying down prior to a clay session)

End of rant. I thank you.