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Thread: my a4 1.8tqs

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    my a4 1.8tqs

    well i might as well start a thread as over the next 3/6 months im going to get my car were i want it now im in a full time job with good pay.

    so here's my car when i got it

    not alot has changed on the out side apart from ive added a few stickers but not took pictures of them all.

    first on my agenda was a decat pipe tip and forge diverter valve.


    then i started a build on a tripple gauge mount, and awaiting final filler and sand on to another coat of primer and then either matched fabric or just sprayed.

    so as im not sure if im chipped/mapped etc as im too lazy to look, im running 18psi then drops to 12 at 5k pulls nice but need to investigate a off/on throttle jerking some times, and sometimes get a "lag" in throttle responce (any ideas?)

    so i quickly decided with aragorn's help that either a 28rs or better adviced a t3 from a cosworth would work very well. so i started buying bits for that altho i did buy a tip for the ko3. but hey i wanted to lol, so ive decided to go with a t3, due to level of avaliblity and price, ie
    **Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 Garrett T3 Turbocharger** | eBay

    think this "should" be big enough lol!!

    the piper cross looks tiny lol!!!

    so end of month will bring a lovley 3" down pipe and 2.5 " back, as loud as you like basicly. but i need to have it fitted with the decat to make sure its not to loud! and then also a fmic but, i need to know what diameter pipes im going to need for the t3, any one know the rough diameter of the outlet on the compressor?

    any how thats were i am, so along side that ill be doing a boot build and if i can be arsed get the carpets and seats out and door cards off then ill be putting dynamat in as the boot floor is flimsy so need to put a nice sturdy base, then going to find some bose speakers as i know these are very good all-round sound

    have twin kenwood subs but i had to shorten the depth of the box to fit in a mk3 golf from a 3 series bmw, but back to a big boot again i want to make it the correct size again. as it fails to hit any low notes and getting a nasty drone mid bass, maybe around 30hz almost like it gets really boomy and bassy but either side its pants, when it was in the original box i built it sounded sweet right down to some low notes had a 3cuft box but now only a 2cuft optimal for two subs is 3cuft, so going back to what i know works, both ran but a 900wrms kenwood d class monoblock, works very well.

    so many updates to come. fitting brembos tomorrow along with sorting my intake out. fitting a cold air feed or/and fitting the piper cross

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    well was too wet to get on the floor to change the brakes etc, so stuck to fitting the tip, and what a pain in the arse the silicone one is, because its more rigid you cant get the pipe to flex so well to fit it in, any how got it in, and decided for now that id try the car with the come filter, it looks battered but to be fair it works, and its just a temp thing. ill put the box back in at some point.

    few comparison shots

    then decided to take the opportunity to check how things are with the turbo, very little play about as much as id expect from a wet float bearing, it currently dosnt smoke or lag or make noises so i knew it was fine any how. so will defently be fine till i upgrade
    still managed to sqeese the camrea down to get a picture!

    and how ive got it set up for now. i have put the box cover on top so you cant even see any of it which is cool



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