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    fortrose scotland

    cars weve had and want !

    my first car was a fiat strada abarth 2000tc, thought it was a demon.
    2.nova 13sr
    3.205 1.6, nice was 18 /
    4 205 1.9 loved it
    5 .5gt turbo raider, wish i still had this one.
    6. work cars, bx estate
    7. passat, what abuse this thing got, all i put in was petrol
    8. uno turbo, had 4 24 hrs blew up at 135 mph, sold 4 50 quid
    9.passat estate, another work horse, s2, lovely car, had to part with
    11.vw transporter , gotta get another soon
    12. astravan, doin ok so far
    13 a4 1.9 tdi, nice hog was gettin bit rough
    14. a4 avant , loving it just wanna drive it 24-7
    but i would love a black m3 or porsche gt3 black weapon of choice

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    Tyne & Wear
    1. Rover 214SLi - White over grey
    2. Citroen Saxo VTR - Everyone had one of these
    3. Fiat Coupe 20VT - Sprint Blue - first fast car
    4. Toyota Supra - Black -
    5. Citroen Xantia -
    6. Totoya MR2 Turbo - rev 3
    7. Audi S3 -

    Would love lots of cars but cant afford any
    Blue S3 | grey leather

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    Newcastle, Staffs
    1. Age 17, Fiat Punto S 60
    2. Age 18, Saxo VTR worst car ever! Tin can springs to mind!
    3. Age 20 Peugeot 206 GTi180 was in love with this car until, yet again a french car decides to break!

    4. Age 21 Audi S3 finally car car that is reliable! We you german engineering!

    Hmmm plenty of cars i want, i just cant have them!
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    German iz ze vay forvard!
    Made with vorspung durch tecnik

    2003 Noggy S4 Avant - 344bhp of pure V8 muscle

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    Hampshire UK
    can't even remember if this is a complete list ! but not far off

    anything in bold I owned for more than 12months ,some longer, M3 for nearly 7 years, occasionaly had more cars than drivers in the house

    College years and post grad hardships also show some ups and downs in the quality of cars owned but always tried to keep them F U N

    Mini 1000 jet black

    e21 BMW 323i

    Fiat Strada Abarth proper drivers car but seriously dodgy build

    e30 BMW 325i Sport totally loved this car from new sold to a friend who didn't clean it enough! see futher down

    Golf GTI 16V didn't last long as had a big bonus that yr but great car

    Lancia Delta Integrale still see it about, fabulous car, expensive habit adjustable boost and 13mpg avg

    Fiat X19 bought at auction in moment of madness sold next week for 1.20 profit

    71 Beetle 1600 tp used more oil than petrol and three engines in 9 months! genuine 15" 911 Fuch alloys on adapters

    Rover 2300 SD1 bought to tow the beetle back from Croyden !! left it in a car park with keys in it....

    Renault 18 Turbo I'm saying nothing, killed it stone dead in 4 months

    e30 BMW 325i Sport same car bought back, killed by HGV in carpark 2yrs later

    college and post grad yrs
    e30 325i SE

    e30 BMW 320i 4dr

    e30 BMW 316 !

    Vauxhall Carlton 2.6

    Golf GTI 8V

    Jetta GTI 16V lower than snakes belly single light grille, power rohr +++

    Peugeot 306 Xt

    e36 BMW 323i SE

    Peugeot 306 gti6

    e30 M3

    e36 BMW 328i
    e36 BMW 318i px on above
    metro 16v ! px on above

    e46 BMW 323i SE

    Alpina C2 2.7 almost perfect

    e36 328i coupe beautiful looking car on 18s but an Auto

    e46 325i coupe

    e46 323i SE dull needed four doors

    e30 325i convertible classic shape still looks good after all these years

    Renault Megane 120dci shaking that ass, 7th RHD chassis imported and huge spec as ex Renault press car (the met yellow one) on TG cool wall (top right of cool) and that's actually a photo of this car

    e46 BMW 330d top car, a little too staid though not as economical as it should have been

    Volvo V50 2.0D written off while at dealers !

    Peugeot 306 xsi (bought and sold on ebay just for fun) drove like a roller skate

    Volvo V50 2.0D sport

    Mini Cooper only had since March but wife would kill me if I suggested changing this. Ranks just behind my Daughter in her priorities above the dog and me ..

    Audi 3.2Q still not sure

    don't want to think how much I've spent on them.... but most were worth it some I'd have back tomorrow

    DREAM CAR don't think it will ever change, hasn't for last three generations of
    964, 996, 997 model 911 C4S

    because they are just out of reach not silly like Ferraris etc and totally usable
    ...getting closer, my 40th Birthday present (I keep telling myself)
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    2012 Q3 S line S-Tronic 177 TDI
    2013 MINI GP

    Previously B8 S4, 8P A3 3.2Q

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    Swaying towards IHI....

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    Virginia water, surrey
    Cant say much as im only 17 but anyway here goes:

    Age 17: First car Fiat Punto 1.2 16 V sporting Black

    Age 17: BMW E36 318I

    Age 17: Current car, Audi A3 1.8 T Been faultless so far i drive cars quite hard the other 2 couldnt really handle the abuse but the audi has been great!

    And yes my insurance company do love me

    Dream car would have to be a Ferrari bit biased though as they've been by main sponsor for 2 years,

    Realistically though id love a, Impreza P1, Civic Type R, RX7 TT, R34 GTR, M3, S3
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    A3 1.8TS
    K03S,Pro Alloy FMIC, Neuspeed TIP, Forge 007P,Jabba Stage 2, BMC CDA, Turbo Back Miltek,H&R Cup Kit,H&R Arb's,18" Cup 3's Wrapped in Parada Spec 2's, Facelifted, 10k Hids, Dewipered, Debadged,S3 Interior, S3 Rear bumper, S4 Front bumper, Brembo's, Momo Team, LCR Splitter.

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    Newcastle, Staffs
    ^^^^^ 3 cars in a years driving! not bad going at all mate!!
    German iz ze vay forvard!
    Made with vorspung durch tecnik

    2003 Noggy S4 Avant - 344bhp of pure V8 muscle

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    Edinburgh - Southside
    Thinking back on some of the cars I've owned there is a strange mixture.

    1. Fiat Uno 60s - went pretty well but then it prob weighed less then a empty bean can
    2. Nova 1.3 sr, obligatory big rims, lowered, exhaust, etc, etc - found it in a scrap yard a few years after i sold it!
    3. Fiesta RS turbo - usual mods. Great till the head gasket went and needed new engine.
    4. Subaru - 1.8 turbo auto, estate (farmers choice). Rock solid, with 4x4 and every extra. Bought at auction by mistake. Prob the must fun/pound car.
    5. VW Scirocco - bland but with huge boot.
    6. Citreon ZX - Why oh why?
    7. Honda CRX - was ancient but it must have one of the best engines built.
    8. Renault clio, diesel - just fuel and run it till it breaks
    9. Audi S3 - Bit of a turn from the past form. Great car but needs the handling well sorted out.

    Next car? Well would love an M5 or the old favorit, the 911 (997) don't like my chances though.

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    Cars I've owned....

    Honda C50 scooter - age 17
    Austin Minivan - age 18
    Austin Mini - age 19
    Singer Chamois - age 20
    Hillman Imp Sport 1968 - first brand new car - age 21
    Austin 1300 GT 1971 - age 24
    Triumph Dolomite 1973 - worst car I've ever owned - age 26
    Volkswagen Golf GL Mk1 1976 - age 29
    Volkwagen Golf GTI 1600 Mk1 1976 - age 33
    Volkswagen Golf GTI 1800 Mk1 1980- age 36
    Audi 80 Sport 1983 wriiten off in an accident in Germany - age 38
    Audi 80 Sport 1987 - age 40
    Audi 80 1.8E 1988 - age 41
    Audi 90 2.3E 1991- age 44
    Volkswagen Golf VR6 1994 - age 47
    Audi A3 1.8T Sport 1998 - age 51
    Audi A3 1.8T Sport 2000 - age 53
    Audi 80 1.8T Sport (face lift) 2003 - age 56
    Audi A3 2.0 TDI DSG SE 2004 - age 57

    The first VW/Audi I purchased in 1976 and have stayed with them up to the present day and at the moment I can see no reason to look elsewhere. I love my A3 and especially the DSG.
    Dave R (h5djr)
    A3 8V 2.0 TDI-184 Sportback Sport s-tronic quattro - Silver + lots of options - my 9th A3

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    Jun 2000
    Mk2 Golf 8v
    Mk2 Golf 16v
    Mk3 Golf VR6
    B5 S4
    B5 RS4

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    Reverse Gear

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    Sep 2006
    Vauxhall Astra. Ah the first car with the part time Tesco wages.
    Ford Mondeo. SI. The second car. New job bigger wages.
    Vauxhall Frontera. Company car and baby came so the Mondeo went.
    Land Rover Freelander. Second company car no need to buy my own yet!!
    Ford Ranger. Third Company car. Want an S3 but the Ranger is free so I'm taking full advantage of it!!!
    Suzuki SV650S. Toy while I have the comany car!
    Waiting for Mr Brown to take more money for the company car then I'll stop using it sell the bike and buy an Audi.
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    Feb 2001

    Nova 1.0
    Nova 1.4 SR
    Mk3 Golf GTI
    XR2 (track car)
    Honda Fireblade (OK..not a car!)
    Integra Type-R
    Corrado VR6
    Mk3 Golf GTI 16v Anniversary
    996 C4S

    Would love many things...
    964 RS, 993 RS, 996 GT3/2, Pug 205, Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi S8, Bentley Conti GT...
    The list is long and varied.

    Can't see me selling the 911 for a long, long time though.

    Please note:
    The views expressed on are the personal views of its contributors (including me), and not that of the Website or the Moderator/Administration team.

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    Oct 2004
    VW Jetta
    MK1 Fiesta
    Rare 2.0 VW Passat GT
    2.0 16v Primera (worst car in the world)
    Renault Clio 1.4Rt(Run around)
    Audi 100 2.8 V6
    Audi 100 S4
    Audi A4 TDi

    On the list to have:

    Mad Max car with full Nitro Kit ..think it was a mark 1 cortina they Moded
    Urq RR
    S2 Coupe...RS2 +
    S2 Avant (slipper wagon spec)

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    Sep 2006
    punto 75 mk1 17
    punto 1.2 60 elx 18
    fiat coupe 16vt standard 195bhp ( wrote it off )

    another fiat coupe 16vt 240+bhp loved it

    now S3 at 23

    now looking at Supra tt manual

    hit list :

    E46 M3
    Tuscan maybe 's'

    would love a radical as a track day car but would end up going to work in it
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    Mar 2006
    vauxhall cavalier 1.8 ls
    vauxhall cavalier 1.8 ls auto
    audi a4 1.9tdi
    soon seat leon cupra r or the new skoda occy vrs

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    Aug 2006
    renault 11 1.4 - not bad first car, thrashed it
    fiat croma 2.0 16v - blown engine twice
    toyota celica 2.0 16v - loved the pop up headlights!
    subaru impreza turbo - excellent car no probs in 4 years
    subaru p1 - modded 320bhp very rapid but expensive
    (new engine,turbo,gearbox) lost 12 grand in depreciation over 3 years.
    audi a4 3.0 v6 excellent car, but need something quicker!!
    (compromise with missus!)

    next s4 or rs4 depends on funds!

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    Age 15 - Mini 1000 Autotest Car

    Age 16 - Nova 1.3 Road Rally Car, Twin 40's AST2 Cam, Cage. Quick car untill my mate drove it into a lorry.

    Age 18 - Audi Coupe 1.8i

    Age 22 - VW Golf GTI 16v (Mk3)

    Age 26 - Audi A4 1.8T Sport Quattro (Current Car)

    Would love an RS4 or a Porsche 911 GT3

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    Cars that I've had...I expect many viewers will not recognise some of them, but here goes anyway;
    Ford Anglia ( with odd rear window), Hillman Minx, MG 1100, Sunbeam Rapier x2, Ford Capri x2, Lancia Beta Saloon and Coupe, Saab 900, Toyota Corolla x2, Honda Prelude x2
    Mazda MX6 x2
    Subaru SVX
    Mercedes Coupe
    Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tip
    Porsche 911 Carrera (996) Tip
    Audi S4

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    cars i ve had

    age 19 vw golf mk2

    age 21 audi coupe 2.3 20v quattro

    age 22 audi a3 1.8t quattro



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