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    Peugeot 106 Rallye Turbo 385bhp.

    Just thought i'd make a thread about my car, Its a 1998 R Reg Peugeot 106 Rallye.


    It used to run a 1.6 8v cammed and htrottle bodied engine. 156bhp and 8300rpm rev limit. but last year i changed it all for a 1.6 16v engine and decided to go turbo. it now makes 385bhp@7600rpm & 345lb/ft @23psi. :-)

    It also got a magazine feature in Performance French Cars along with centrefold poster too.

    mag feature.jpg

    I done most of the work myself down at Atspeed Racing. Where i did the work under the guidance of the guys there, namely Ian and Colin Thorndyke.

    mag feature1.jpg

    i've had it on track at The French Car Show 2012 @ Donington with my brother Brad (a member on here with a Stage 2+ S3 8L mapped @ Atspeed Racing, soon to be going Hybrid K04 Mapped @ Atspeed Racing.)
    It was really easy to drive surprisingly. We were on track all day and not one car got past us. I mullered a tuned Evo 6 down the straight and harrassed him in the corners, Brad battered an SLK55 AMG down the straights also.


    Here's a little Engine bay shot.

    engine bay.jpg

    and a shot of the dyno graph for you to see.

    dyno graph.jpg

    This year the plan is to re-shell after an unfortunate accident. I'm going to fit a swirl pot set up, a Custom Cages Weld in multi point cage and some harnesses and bucket seats. Hopefully we will be able to up the boost some more and crack 350bhp at the wheels!

    Here's the full spec list now.

    Peugeot 106 Rallye S2
    Bianca White
    1.6 16v J4 engine
    BE3 Gearbox with Gripper LSD
    Helix 6 Paddle Clutch
    Owen Develeopments Garrett GT2868 HTA with Tial V Band
    Omex 600 Ecu and Atspeed Racing Engine Loom
    Wiseco 9:1 Low Comp Forged Pistons
    CatCams Forged Con-Rods
    CatCams Con-Rod Bolts
    ACL Bearings all round
    ARP Head studs
    ARP Exhaust Manifold Studs and Copper Nuts
    Magnetron Marelli 3 Bar MAP Sensor
    Innovate LC1
    SPA Boost Pressure and Air Temp Gauge
    Gizzmo IBC Boost Controller
    DP Engineering Stainless Steel
    Tubular Exhaust Manifold With V Band
    Tial External Wastegate in Black
    DP Engineering 3'' Down Pipe using Mandrel bends built by Atspeed Racing
    Atspeed Racing Custom Built 3'' Exhaust System
    Tial QR Recirc dump valve on V band in Black
    Atspeed Racing V band Screamer Pipe
    Terry Dolphin Cylinder Head work with standard valve size
    1mm Multi Layer Head Gasket - raise Compression to 10:1.
    CatCams Custom Spec Turbo Camshafts
    CatCam Vernier Pulleys
    Siemens 630cc Injectors
    Bosch 4 bar Pressure regulator
    Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
    Atspeed Racing Baffled sump with Custom Oil Return.
    Pro Alloy Atspeed Spec Intercooler and Radiator
    Pro Alloy Header tank
    Lightweight billet Engine Pulleys
    SFS Silcone hoses all round in black
    Odyssey 680 Race Battery
    Mocal 13 Row Oil Cooler with Speedflow Braided hoses
    PAS relocation to Boot
    Atspeed Racing Upper and Lower Gearbox Mounts
    Vibratechnics Upper and Lower Mounts
    Atspeed Racing BE Competition Driveshafts
    Atspeed Racing BE Drive Flanges and Hubs.
    TTV Lightened and Balanced Billet Flywheel
    Satchshift BE Gear Linkage set up with Custom Carbon Base Plate
    Brembo 406 4 pot Calipers
    Godspeed 287mm 2 piece Brake Discs
    Ferrodo DS2500 Brake Pads
    Speedflow Braided Brake Hoses
    23mm Brake Master Cylinder
    High Tensile Wheel studs and Copper nuts
    Streamline Carbon JP4 Rocker Cover
    Spoox 16v CamBelt cover
    Spoox debadged Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    Morette Head light with inner lamps removed
    8000k Hi/Lo HID's
    Custom Carbon Fibre J4 Inlet Manifold Insert
    AST Sportline 1 Coilovers with 300lb 6'' Springs and Rear Dampers
    Peugeot Sport Grp N Suspension Top Mounts
    Powerflex Bushes all round
    Vibratechnics Wishbone Rear Mounts.
    CG Lock Driver and Passenger
    O.Z Racing UltraLegerra Powder Coated White 15x7J
    Toyo Proxes R888 2G
    Cobra Alarm, Immobliser and Remote Central Locking with Tracker.

    All comments and opinions welcome :-)

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    That must be immense!!
    2000 AMK S3, Revo'd, forge 007p, B8's, H&R's, tarox g88's, ferrodo ds2500's, and in the fastest colour

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    Quote Originally Posted by S3 Rav View Post
    That must be immense!!
    I thought my brothers S3 was quick, but when i drive this its on another level! just have to concentrate on keeping it in one lane! lol

    The whole aim of the project was to make it the perfect blend of road and track. It's ultra responsive and there is very little lag. we want to make it efficient too thats why it makes the good power with the added headwork, cams and exhaust system.

    The HTA Turbo is my favourite bit. COst me £2000 though :-s

    a little video from The French Car Show 2012 @ Donington Park.

    French car show 2012 Pug pops - YouTube Best to watch in HD and volume up!

    The car backfires as it hits the limiter in 4th, right at the end of the pit lane where a couple marshals sit. It got me black flagged! :-(

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    Peugeot 106 Rallye Turbo 385bhp.

    That car seems immense, I used to have a Saxo with 170bhp and that was fun. Went on the track day at Rockingham FCS 2010 and will never forget how fast Colin from ATSpeeds 106 turbo was! Would love a track car like yours at some point.

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    Now that ooks fun. Would love to start racing hill climb or rally one day and a car like that would be awesome.
    Avus Silver 2002 S3 BAM purchased Oct 2012

    Work Done To Do
    • Full Service
    • Sump and Pickup Clean
    • Rocker Cover Gasket
    • CV Joint Replaced
    • Top Mounts
    • New Rubber
    • Front stock ARB rear R32 ARB
    • DS Ball Joint
    • Haldex Service
    • Rear wheel arch bodywork
    • B5 Tip
    • Relentless DP and Sportscat
    • Custom Remap
    • RNS-E Install
    • Refurb Alloys

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    i live a few miles from atspeed racing, what power is the red pug pushing, i heard it was over 400? looks good, though keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James TQ View Post
    i live a few miles from atspeed racing, what power is the red pug pushing, i heard it was over 400? looks good, though keep it up!
    The red one makes 430bhp and revs to 8600rpm.

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    Little video of the car for you. See under the bonnet and hear it.

    My brothers Stage 2+ S3 vs my Rallye Turbo.

    The stage 2 map for my brother's S3 is from Atspeed Racing.
    S3 is soon to go Stage 3 with a Hybrid turbo and Forged Rods. it will be mapped for this @ Atspeed Racing - ATSPEED Racing - Rolling road Essex – Tel: 01268 773377 – E:
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