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    Buzzing noise from drivers door handle

    While i am loving the sportback,i do have this on/off buzzing noise from the drivers door handle.Not all the time but on rougher roads and when hitting the resonating point.
    If i tap my fingers along the door panel in line with the handle ( along under the silver trim) i here it buzzing ,however if i just put my finger on the handle to push it in slightly and continue tapping,it stops.Same lifting it slightly.
    Yes,the rubber stopper is in place behind the handle,but the handle does seem to have some slight rattling loose play.
    The other doors also have some play but its a well "damped" movement and has no noise.
    If the rest position of the handle is pushed slightly further in /or held out it stops.
    Any ideas?
    I am slightly reluctant to take this up at the dealers despite the car being new,its just that if the whole door assembly has to be removed,i am concerned about everything going back together without damaging the retainnig clips etc.I dont want to introduce more noises.

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    ...after investigating,i simply stuck a tiny rubber pad (about 2.5 mm dia and 1 mm thick) on to the inner side of the door handle in line with the rubber pad already fitted to the inner cover.
    it seems to have done the trick as there is no buzzing .Perhaps the rubber stopper already fitted was just slightly too thin to be effective?
    In any case it works ! after looking at whats involved in dismantling the door panel,it could actually make things worse trying to reassemble and introduce rattles or problems some where else.
    Saved a dealer visit which i was hesitant to do anyway.Goes to show how something so miniscule can cause an annoying noise, it must be a nightmare for manufacturers to prevent this.There is a lot going on inside a car door panel!



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