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Whilst working I was coming back from a fuel test run one day with a MAN TGX and a 40 foot loaded with bagged sand, all in we were. smack on 44 ton, anyways I got stuck across a roundabout exit due someone in a van blocking my exit, you don't just squeeze through with one of them.
I hear a horn blaring and turning to my right see a guy in a BMW nosed up to the side guards of the trailer flashing his lights, blowing the horn and getting very excited fastened in his chariot. I drop the drivers window and give him a big smile and a friendly wave, well he got more and more irate so I smiled and waved a bit more, when my exit did clear I purposely hung about a while so he could see it was clear in front of me and I wasn't moving. He must have been very close to chest pains judging by how red his face was.
I know I get impatient but I keep to myself and I never ever tailgate. I worked for an insurance company almost 30 years ago as a spotty 17 year old and 95% of rear end claims were in favour of the driver in front and you needed a witness to prove otherwise. unfortunately lazy cash cow insurers over the years just don't bother fighting claims and opt for the lazy 50/50. oh and I realised after 1 month that an insurance job wasn't for me judging by the dull job it was and the power mad losers in charge