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  1. Nah not yet im going on holiday on Monday, my mates bfs gonna sort it out the day after i get back hopefully
  2. any progress with the manifold lucy
  3. nice!!!! hope it dont cost you to much for a new manifold bill at badger 5 might be good call for manifold as i know he has a few people from audi sport going to him for exhaust's etc so he might have a spare standard manifold to hand.
  4. Thanks!
    Yeah i like them there nicee!!
    Just found out whats wrong with my S3 think i need a new manifold! so annoying!!!
  5. they are nice wheels i know a place which is based in liverpool that sell them as reps sure they only £400 without tyres its called mersey speed.

    speak with damian at dpm for coilovers he did me a good deal on the fk ak street coilovers.

    been looking at some new wheels meself just carnt bring my self round to buying them they merc slr wheels
    Google Images
  6. prob coilovers then. I cant afford them at the mo as going on holiday in a month but let me know how much if they sell them .
    click on link below, its these ones! not sure what size i'd like 19's but obviously more expensive and tyres are alot too!

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  7. coilovers if you want the car nice and low or springs if you want the car a bit stiffer.

    i think i know which lambo wheels you on about they nice wheels 18's or 19's a friend of mine might be selling some x5 wheels with adapters etc if you interested
  8. im not sure, havent a clue what the difference is tbh lol
    Ive found thse lambo style ones which i like (i did a thread on it somewhere with a pic of them)
  9. ooo tax such a pita.
    what wheels you looking at and coilovers or springs.

    ive recently fitted some fk ak street coilovers they great for the money only £230
  10. Some 18s and lower it! cant afford that till after xmas though. just got a thing through the post saying my tax was due start of Aug! so annoyed, the owner said it had 3mnths! my fault shuda checked tho!! :/
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