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  1. Yea ok if you could make one with the actuator as wel that would be great,his turbo has'nt done many miles so is good condition,if you could find one thats a good exchange that would be appresiated.thats great.Yea just pm me or email me when ready (
  2. Hi
    Yes of course, I've just dropped off some K03 turbine housing at the machine as I have a couple of the same spec K03 to build. I can let him have one of those if he committed to buying? It will probably be ready next week as I have everything else made up etc, so just needs the turbine and then assembly,

    Price including an uprated actuator is £600 and £550 with just the stock actuator. This is on an exchange basis but I wont need the old unit until a later date as I can make these up with out using his old one.
  3. Hi mate you ok,my freind would like you to make that hybrid up for him,the ko3 2280 compressor,rs6 turbine.would you be able to make it up,then when its ready send me a pm and do an exchange?
  4. Thanks mate,i will let him know this info cheers.
  5. Hi.

    For the k03 I can offer 3 options. 1st there is the tried and tested k04-001 which is the S3 turbine and k03s compressor, these are producing about 250-260bhp. Good solid turbo which is really an upgrade from the k03s. Then there is the k03 with k04 internals which is basically a s3 turbo in a a3 housing good form 275bhp finally I produce the k03-2280 which is my own version of the hybrid, it's an rs6 turbine and 2280 compressor this we are currently testing and are aiming to hit 300bhp . Price varies very little as they all require various work to be done just depends what. You'd be looking at around £550 all in and I can also recommend what additional parts need to be ordered fitted in order to get the most out of the setups.
  6. You alright dan,my hybrid is all on,just needs mapping injectors now,thanks my mate has a golf mk4,with a k03 150bhp,what turbo upgrade would you recomend,prices,and would you need his old turbo?Thanks adam.
  7. Ok thats great!,sorry if im getting confused,im ok with cars just not turbos some engine parts!,there is some sort of sensor that cm off!,ok so shal i wait for you to contact me!,then send my turbo to you?,my number is 07947447384,might make it easyer!
  8. Hi, just checked and I have a housing with an egt hole which is good news. I am pretty sure the amk engine has egt ( not lambda , it has that as well) I've just dropped it off at the machine shop and hopefully have the turbine and compressor balanced and back within a week do should be ready sometime in a week or so if that's ok.

  9. Um wel the only lambda hole is in the downpipe!,there is'nt any sensors in mani or turbo housing!
  10. Hi

    Only problem I have at the moment, is that I don't think I have an AMK exhaust housing available, as they need the EGT sensor in them. I have NON egt ones, but they wont be any good. I'll have to get back to you later today so I can have a look and see. Hold tight.

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