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  1. Just to let you know all went well and is up and running...sounds amazing...thanks for all your help fella, take it easy!
  2. Cheers fella, I agree about the soldering, but my crimps are nice and tight (ratchet crimping tool) and had continuity. I also wrapped them in insulation tape so theyre not going anywhere. I`ll check if there`s current flowing through the wire with my open jaw/ fork tester either side of the OEM connector block and either side of the crimps.
    Thanks again
  3. I didn`t remove any fuses while removing the door card and from what I can remember I may have had the ignition on, therefore the amp may have been live. I hadn`t tested the sony`s until i had fitted them into the door card and installed in the car..stupid i know..just assumed they`d work straight from the box...i`ll be testing the others before install just to make sure. My door card is in but not sitting correctly, so when i re-fit i`l check the wiring and see if the connectors are fully engaged. (was a rush fitting as it was starting to rain)
    Is it ok to switch the HU on to try and test the new sony`s without risk of damaging them? or should i wait until theyre wired from the new HU when the Bose amp is bypassed?
  4. I cut and isolated the OEM tweeter leads separately (close to the connector block), and crimped onto the two cables for other speaker.
  5. Yes the Bose speakers were working, the cable from the Bose amp to the female connector in the door is OEM. The sony tweeter (4 ohm) with capacitor inline (+) is wired in parallel with the 2-way sony speaker (4 ohm) using the sony supplied cable, which i have then through crimped onto the OEM male connector. I checked and tested for continuity from the male pins to each respective terminal on the speakers - all ok. I also noted that the polarity on the Bose wiring differs from that of sony`s and changed over.


    Red +
    Red Black -

    Bose (noted from speaker markings, not from a wiring diagram so I may be wrong)

    Green -
    Green & Black +


  6. Alrite Andy, just a quick one.
    As part of my audio upgrade which you have been helping me out with (post in ICE forum), I replaced the original Bose speaker and tweeter in my drivers door with a 4 ohm impedance sony`s. (All other speakers and HU factory standard (symphony & bose 2 ohm). To check they were working, I turned on the the HU on to test but got no sound what so ever, even when fading all of the sound to the front right. Is this normal due to an "unbalanced load" or because the bose/nokia origanal amp is still in circuit supplying the speakers (soon to be bypassed).
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