So, it's January, it's cold, and miserable. How do you get the year started?

What about a trackday for a change? something different for 2013!

I've just booked a trackday at Abingdon Airfield on Feb 22nd, with

It's £109 for the day, open pitlane format around the 1.8 mile circuit

Very cheap, LOADS of run off in every direction, very popular airfield venue. I've done several events with MSE before and they're well run, Open pitlane all day too, and usually no queuing at all to get on track.

Rather than spending £200 to go to a 'premium' track like Castle Combe or Silverstone or similar, why not try something like this first? No pressure, no barriers to hit (thank god), and half the price?

Anyone else fancy it?

I'm booked on, and Hoping Reesy, Westy, Rich196 and Benjamin will book soon as well. Would be awesome to see a few more Audis there