The time has finally come…
JBS is proud to announce fresh stocks of our Cast 1.8T K03 OEM Upgrade Manifold!

It may be the first time you are hearing about our cast manifolds, so we thought we had better refresh your memories with the benefits:

The new cast designs concentrate more on collector efficiency, eliminating port sharing and minimise the effects of EGT's.
The manifolds have then been designed and produced directly from our CAD models to ensure the best flow capabilities, accuracy and fitment.

JBS has commissioned a very high quality foundry which is used by many OEM turbo suppliers and OEM vehicle manufacturers to ensure the castings are of the highest quality.

Also to reflect the high quality casting, we have spent a great deal of time researching the latest high temperature resistant cast irons. These cast irons have high nickel content and having the following properties makes them ideal for our performance manifolds: resistance to corrosion, resistance to oxidisation and high temperatures (up to 1050⁰C) and a resistance to wear and erosion. This ensures a minimal amount of thermal expansion and an equal rate of thermal expansion to the turbo housing. This again minimises the potential for thermal fatigue or cracking.

Our new CNC cooling fins on the collector further reduce EGT’s and keep the manifold core temperatures under control.
The bolts provided for the fitment of the turbo to the manifold are a specific size and made from a material to prevent stretching.

This Manifold Package Includes:

  • JBS K03 cast upgrade manifold
  • JBS manifold to turbo bolts
  • OEM Turbo to manifold gasket
  • OEM Manifold to head gasket
  • Fitment Guide

Follow this link to our website to place an order, or contact us on 01246 455005 or for more information.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,
Jonny Close
Customer Relations Manager