Decided to clean and seal the wheels and dress the arches on my GF new seat leon. Car had about 7k on the clock when she picked it up about 2 weeks ago so knew they wouldn`t be to bad on the inside.

Started by by jacking car up and putting axle stands under the car so i could be working with 2 wheels at a time.

Inside of wheels not to bad so sprayed with meg`s wheel brightener and scrubbed with various brushes.

This cleaned most crap off but did leave some areas which needed claying, so used sonus ultra fine clay and meg`s last touch. This was the clay after each wheel.

Once i was happy with the wheel i put the first coat of chemical guys jet seal 109 on and moved onto the next wheel which would give time for the first coat to bond.

Second wheel done with same process then left for 109 to bond whilst first wheel was buffed and second coat applied. Whilst giving coats time to bond i sprayed meg`s super degreser into the wheel arches and srubbed with various brushes before rincing with the pressure washer. Arches were then dressed with meg`s hyper dressing, which i think leaves a nice finish and smell bloody lush.

Some pic`s of the wheels after having 2 coats of 109 applied.

Centre caps also received 2 coats

And one for the beading fans out there :thumb: