I have a 2002 audi a4 with the standard halogen U.S. spec headlamps. I want to do a xenon conversion for the car and want to know the best conversion I can find. I do not want that ricer xenon bulb effect. I am looking for something that would look as close to OEM standards as possible...maybe even brighter. I went to lltek.com and I found thier conversion kit which I liked a lot because the xenon lights could fit in the halogen housings so I didnt have to buy new housings on top of the expense of the conversion, but they were sold out and didnt expect any for the next few months. So if anyone knows of a quality, nice xenon conversion or another audi website besides lltek that would sell somthing like this, I would truely appreciate it if you could let e mail me back with that information at Turbochrgdm3@aol.com.. Thanks