Hi guys n gals,

recently become the proud owner of a 2001 S3 210bhp (import)..

when i bought the car i couldnt have been happier with the circumstances.. 1 lady owner from new (she was old :P) 62k miles and execellent condition inside and out! on to a winner! ....until i collected it and found out it needed a new clutch! but the couple who sold me the car happily paid for it so this problem was resolved but ever since the garage that did the work VAG (bradford-on-avon) i've had a knocking noise when i pull away and break etc. had it on the ramp tuesday and they cudnt find out what it was... its relativly un-noticable from the exterior of the car but inside you can hear it clear as day.. i thought possibly engine mountings not tightened properly allowing it to rock back and forward?

any suggestions or similar happenings?

lookin forward to the response so i can get the crap sorted :P xx cheers Al