Does anyone have a definitive pin out for the 409 fuel pump relay? I need to retro fit one to an 1.8T (AGU) conversion in a Lotus Elise and the pin labeling on the wiring diagram (Haynes, admittedly) is different to that on the relay?? Some I have managed to work out myself by a process of elimination but I am missing some critical ones.

What I have so far is as follows...

Haynes diagram Relay pin Function
S3/1 9/TK Door switch input
S3/2 ?? +12V on cranking
S1/1 31 Earth
S3/5 3/C Crash input
S3/3 ?? +12V when ignition on
502 2/30 +12V Permanent
504 8/87 +12V feed to pump
S3/6 ?? Signal from ECU (T80/4)

Relay pins remaining are, 4/15 and 1/MOT, also I seem to have 8 pins on the diagram and only 7 on the relay????!

Any help greatfully received! I have been trying to find the answer online all day!