Langoustine wrapped in a Dover sole mousse,
Encased with Salmon Skin,
Accompanied by a layered Herb Mash and Ratatouille
Lined with Asparagus spears and a selection of Parisienne Vegetables,
Finishing with a Champagne and pink Peppercorn sauce and Parmesan snap.


1. Place Sole in Robot Coupe and blitz ,add tarrogan ,seasoning,egg white,add cream until smooth
2. Lay Skin out, place mousse mixture on Skin and level out, place langoustine in middle of mixture,
Lift skin wrap around Langoustine, wrap in Cling film and make sure well sealed at either end.

3. Place Potatoes in Pan of boiling Salted water.

4. Place peppercorns in pan and heat until cracking-deglaze pan with Champagne and add stock to reduce.

5. Dice Vegetables for Ratatouille saut in pan add garlic and white Wine.

6. Parisienne Vegetables, trim Asparagus.

7. Place wrapped Langoustines in pan of simmering Fish stock and cover

8. Place Parisienne Vegetables in pan of boiling Salted Water.

9. Dust templates with Parmesan Cheese and place in Oven.

10. Put Pan aside with Vegetables and place in Asparagus and Courgette.

11. Take wrap out of water and leave to rest.

12. Mash potato with Herbs.

13. Finish sauce with Cream and Butter, season.

14. Take out Snaps and place over moulds.

15. Pipe Mash into cutter, line with Asparagus, place in Ratatouille, top, with Mash.

16. Slice wrap and place around tower

17. Place Vegetables on then sauce.

18. Finish with Parmesan snap.



Langoustine Wrap
6 Langoustine Tails

1 Large Dover sole

1 Egg white

30 ml Cream


Scaled salmon skin

Mash Ratatouille
5 Small Potatoes

Assorted Herbs

10ml Cream





1 Clove Garlic

2 Plum Tomatoes

10ml White Wine

10ml stock

Olive Oil

Vegetable garnish

Yellow Courgette


8 Asparagus Spears

Parmesan snap
2oz parmesan cheese

1 Tsp Pink Peppercorns

1 Glass champagne

50ml stock

20ml Cream

1 Tbsp Butter