Remember my post about my awesome day at Mercedes Benz World? (Linky)

Well, I was sent an invite to an exhibition/seminar being hosted at MB World about some AV/HD/IT video conferencing thingy. Included during the visit is the chance to have a go on one of their Track Day experiences - for FREE!

Its not all work while your with us... you can play too!
Choose between two Mercedes Benz driving experiences where you have the choice of a classic Mercedes Benz sports car experience or an off-road Mercedes 4 x 4 driving experience with deep water, steep slopes and rocky terrain! Pure heart-in-mouth experiences...or if that's too much for you take a go in the virtual simulator where you'll experience the virtual journey of a Mercedes Benz on a production line. For those car enthusiasts we also have the chance for you to take a guided tour of Mercedes Benz World state of the art facilities, its history and its cars... just book your slot and we can do the rest.
Details about the day are:
Registration is at:

I won't be going (can't take that particular day off), but I'll throw it out to you lot...