Been a VAG enthusiast for a long time although i have no interest in modifications! (they are sexy enough as they are!)
Im looking to buy a new car in the next 2 months, i have a budget of around 10k give or take a few.

I was initially going to get a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR but the girlfriend has taken a dislike to the aggressive stance, noise, speed and outright refused to go near one until i have a suitable car she can is willing to drive... so looking back at modern VAG's. (just got to hope she dont put her foot down!)

Few questions:

How do the 4pots sound on acceleration?
the A4 Quattro i understand has a better 4wd system than the S3, is the A4 2.0T engine tunable to the S3 level?

Can anybody link me some documentation on these 2 models or recommend another model?