I couldn't make the Kent meet at Westerham but from the comments, it looks like you guys had a good time. I had a bit of an Audi-themed weekend, anyway. On my way over to Reading, I called in at Fontain, where the technical guy, Chas, confimed my car is DBW, so it's going to get booked in to have a cruise control fitted in a couple of months time.

Then I went on to Reading for my mate's stag do. Two of his colleagues from work turned up in brand new A3s. One was a 2.0TDI, the other a 3.2 Quattro S-Line. Both had DSG gearboxes. They made my old T-reg look pretty shabby.

Oh yes, and the final car to turn up was a Smart Roadster, with quick-release steering wheel. I hadn't seen that before. I'm used to carting my head unit fascia around, but this guy carries his steering wheel around with him.