Hi All,
My Name is Trup, some of you may of already seen me dotted around the forums but i'll introduce myself to those who haven't.

I am the founder of EM Tuning, I started my company a few years ago selling ECU tuning products.
I then became involved in upgraded LED light bulbs, having researched the products and how the new LED SMD bulbs work I found myself getting more and more involved into this part of vehicle tuning, I am now pleased to offer you all great quality products at very competitive prices.

All our bulbs are tested thoroughly and are developed direct with the factory. Having designed a few bulbs myself I feel it is a great achievement to myself and to my company to offer you unique products and a tailored service for each customer.

If you have any questions for us then please feel free to post up or PM me.


EM Tuning
07900 817818