If youre looking to tune your 2.0PD 140PS engined Audi then we can offer you our

PD2 system.

The new DTUK® PD2 Digital Tuning System for Audi/VW /Skoda/Seat/Mitsubishi,
comes with 4-8 programmable Custom written maps and not a single "off the shelf
single map" like older systems. The PD2 continually adjusts itself through an
intelligent processor to allow for changes in fuel grade, air quality, further
modifications and driving style etc.This is done by constantly monitoring engine
RPM, speed, fuelling, ignition timing and adapting the settings accordingly.

The PD2 utilises this latest Multi Map technology, with faster processing and
self calibration.

This is suitable for the 2.0 TDI 140PS Pump Deuse engine - THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE PD 170PS

Typical gains are 40bhp and 70/80nm of Torque.

What exactly does the DTUK® PD2 do?

  1. Acceleration & throttle response is increased with a generous addition
    of up to 40% more BHP depending on the vehicle.
  2. Top speed increases as well as a highly important gain in torque.
  3. This means that if the driver uses that extra torque whilsts changing up the
    gears earlier when not driving hard then their fuel economy should increase.
  4. Gains of between 10% & 20% have been commonly reported by customers.
  5. This can be especially important when towing
What about emissions?

A further advantage of the new add-on electronic control units with multi map
technology is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards. Through
enhanced burning in all areas of vehicle performance, the fuel is 100%
efficiently used, with soot and smoke being things of the past. Because of this,
unrestricted installation of the modules is also possible in vehicles with
diesel particle filter engines.

All Diesel Tuning Systems supplied by DTUK® contain DIGITAL technology and
are fully adjustable. High performance processors are used that facilitate the
detailed real-time scanning of the ignition maps without influencing the
internal protection function.

Increases of up to 40% in power and torque, and up to a 20% improvement in
fuel economy are achievable as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions helping you
to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

We only use Original equipment connectors which enable easy fitting in
minutes and can be removed at any time. Oncethe system is removed your vehicles
engine is automatically reverted to factory settings and there are no traces
left behind. Its as if its never been there at all.

DTUK® systems can be re-programmed to fit many other applications if you
change your current car, if youre present system isnt suitable for your new
vehicle we will offer you a brand new specific system for your new vehcile at a
reduced price.

DTUK® tuning systems are TUV approved and CE certified and come with a 3 year
Replacement product warranty and 24 hour technical support

All DTUK Diesel Tuning systems arrive to you carefully packed, complete with
everything you will need for simple and straightforward installation. This
includes full colour instructions, your diesel tuning system, the correct wiring
harness including OE connectors and a weatherproof pouch

The full rrp on this system is £389 inc vat, but as with all of our systems ASN members will be offered a discount

Any questions, please fire away