Hi from a Noob aswell! Have been playing with IDI diesels for a while now but havnt got much of a clue with the later Tdi TBH and have recently aquired an AAT engined Tdi.

What can i do to give it a bit more 'get up n go' without knocking the mpg too much? also anything else that can be seen as an 'improvement' ?

The EGR was blocked off when it had 30k on it so no worries there. I have always routed the breathers into a catch tank , anyone comments on this ?

I believe the injectors are still the original set , i have a second spare set i can get rebuilt. When i get them rebuilt , whats the possibilty of putting AEL nozzles in them ? This leads onto the ECU - havnt got a clue - remapped/rechipped etc - anyone know of a company the deals with these engines possibly give me a remap/ship to suit the AEL nozzles ?

Lastly , decatting it ! Anyone do a deacat section for it or is the 'broom handle' method ?

Any other ideas/comments/advice/abuse ?

Cheers C-D-S