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    52 plate Audi A4 B6 2.5 Tdi will not start

    Hi guys, Recently i was driving home from work and my A4 (B6 2.5 tdi avent fwd 163bhp engine code BFC) began to hesitate for a short while and then cleared up, I stopped at the traffic lights and it started hesitating again so i decided to pull off the main busy duel carriageway, Once i came to a quite road the car was struggling to accelerate at all so i pulled over and then the engine cut out. Ive read many horror stories about the fuel pumps on these engines being prone to failure. I consulted vagcom and checked for any related engine faults/immobilizer faults and found nothing, Done a complete scan also and found no faults, I manually primed the fuel system to isolate the pump in the tank and that seems to flow ok (before and after filter), I cracked off a couple of injector pipes then cranked the engine (Old trick on HGV's we used to do after a filter change) and it was dribbling out rather than squirting up high between the clamp and the pipe, Checked for blockages in the feed and return pipes from the main fuel pump and they were both ok.
    Also tried firing up on some easy start (i know people hate this) and it would catch on the easy start so im guessing compression is ok. Everything is pointing towards the main pump being at fault in my view, Ive removed the pump this morning and am considering posting it off to diesel bob tuning for some diagnostics on the pump before i decide to either refurb or buy second hand. Just wondered if anyone has any other ideas or could point out something i may have missed, Im not hugely experienced with diesel engines but do allot of work on turbo petrol cars so im not worried about getting hands dirty, I welcome any ideas/suggestions


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    Sounds like the pump.

    Bob will refurb it electrically and mechanically so if it is at fault you'll get a good one back.
    If you buy second hand you don't know what you are getting!

    You say it runs on easy start - does it continue running or just spool up?
    If not, the below is useless and it's probably your pump.
    If it does continue to run, then try cracking one of the pipes and see if the pressure has improved.
    Leave it running until up to temp, shut it off and try it again - if it starts it's probably not the pump.
    These cars can suffer if there is any air ingress, including leak-back through the return or bleed off pipes.
    If you can get it running it's always worth looking at the timing, or the attempted start timing.

    If it's your pump, it will cost in the £250-£500 region depending on what Bob does. (Prices may well have changed since I had mine done!)
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    If it is the High Pressure Pump I had mine fully refurbished by Diesel Bob in 2011 and it cost me £649 in total

    that was a mechanical and electronic refurb with 12 months warranty.

    Symptoms of mine was that it just died whilst driving and would not start at all.

    Hell of a lot cheaper than a replacement pump as they were about £1200 at the time of mine

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