Just a Protection Detail for this one yesterday, so i'll just post the process and pics for simplicity :thumb:

Car on arrival:


- Pre-rinsed at high pressure @40 degrees.
- Arches cleaned with Meguiars SDG.
- Wheels and tyres with Menzerna 7.5 Gel.
- Rinsed again @40 degrees
- Washed 2BM & Meguiars Shampoo Plus.
- Autosmart Tardis
- Rinsed
- Meguiars Mild Detailing Clay to all paint and glass
- Meguiars Safe Degreaser on front end to remove bugs that clay didnt remove.
- Dried with Waffle Weave and Leaf blower.


- Blackfire GEP & PC @Speed 4 with Megs Polishing Pad.
- Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant
- Blackfire Midnight Sun Wax.
- Wipe down with Last Touch.
- Glass - Megs Glass Cleaner Concentrate
- Tyres - Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel
- Wheels - PB Wheel Sealant
- Exhaust - Megs NXT Metal Polish.

Interior done as always but no pics as it was like new inside before


thanks for looking and for any comments