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    Polished Bliss: Black Audi RS4 Avant.

    This was the final detail of the week:

    As you can see it was a little bit dirty (!). The owner collected the car from Audi when it was brand new in September and signed up for a maintainance plan with us, but due to us being fully booked up we could only manage to fit him in now, so he decided not to wash it at all to avoid inflicting any more marring (we saw the car when it was a week old and the dealers had already inflicted some defects) before its first proper

    A couple more to show just how dirty it was:

    So, onto the wash stage:

    The car was foamed with a strong solution of Meguiars Hyper Wash through the AB lance and left for 10 mins, this was then repeated before being rinsed off at high pressure. This removed some of the dirt but not a great deal to be honest.

    Wheels after a good blasting from the Karcher:

    After the car had been rinsed from the pre-foam, i set about cleaning the wheels, this took around 15 minutes per wheel due to them showing signs of brake dust bonded well and truly to the corners of the spokes. Meguiars Wheel Brightener (10:1) was used initially but i then felt the need to step up to 4:1 combined with a MF mitt and wheel brush. Neat Wheel Brightener was needed for the inner rims and bonded brake dust. Autosmarts Tar and Glue completed the wash stage for the wheels to remove any tar spots.

    The arches were cleaned with Meguiars Super Degreaser and a brush as these are fabric liners, so normal pressure washing isnt enough to get them 100% clean.

    By now, the sun had come out and dried the car so i foamed it again before giving it another rinse. The car was then washed with the 2 bucket method and a genrous helping of Meguiars shampoo Plus, i also foamed each panel before washing (as opposed to foaming the whole car) to ensure as much lubrication as possible when removing all the crap off the paintwork, i do this with my car and it works great, my own car is 99% swirl free 6 months+ after its last machine polish . The car was then rinsed and treated to Autosmarts Tar and Glue as the bottom halfs were quite rough with tar etc.

    The car was then moved inside for claying as it was getting windy and i didnt want to risk rubbing any dust/grit into the paintwork

    Meguiars Mild Clay was used, and it shifted quite alot of bonded contaminants from the paint despite the car only being around 2 months old:

    Once done, it was put back outside, foamed one last time, rinsed then dried and then put back inside for polishing

    Defect wise, the car was showing minor swirls, with the odd buffer trail here and there:

    As the defects were only light i used Menzerna Po85rd with a blue 3M finishing pad @1800rpm's, this took care of the swirls no problem at all and slightly increased the clarity and reflectiveness of the paint :thumb:
    Couple of pics during polishing:


    A quick tip (all be it probably an obvious one) for those who are maybe new to rotary polishing, when spurring the pads, we put the head of the machine into a bucket to catch all the polish residue that flies out - this keeps the floor clean too :thumb:

    With around 70% of the car machined, i called it a day and Rich finished it off the next day as i do mainainance work for a customer every Friday

    The Customer wanted Zyml Vintage as the LSP so this was applied after the car had been dusted down as usual, the wheels were done with Poorboys Wheel Sealant, Tyres with Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel, exhaust tips with NXT metal Polish and Glass with HD Cleanse.

    Zyml Field Glaze was used for the final wipe down before the final pics were taken.

    Its worth saying that there isnt many after pics as (1) Fridays are always crazy busy with people dropping in past to get products for the weekend etc (2) Rich doesnt know how to work my camera that well and (3) he's also not a picture whore like myself! :D :thumb:


    Nice shiney calipers again!

    Thanks for looking :thumb:

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    Once again a superb job. amazing
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    Great car, great job, double jealous.........
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    Got some more arty shots to come of this one, taken with my own camera (which I know how to operate properly!). Bear with me, I'll get them some time tomorrow.

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    Lovely. Nice work!



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