Ok, here's the details of the special offers we will be running on the day. Just to clarify, these offers are for one day only (Sat 30th June), for those people attending the open day; if you're not planning on coming and want to take advantage of the offers, you'll need to speak nicely to someone who's coming along! Here we go...

1. Blackfire Wet Diamond Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax Kit - Special Price 40

(normal price 49.95, giving a 20% saving)

2. Menzerna Triple Pack (1L each of RD3.02, 106FA, 85RD) - Special Price 40

(normal price of products 50.80, giving a 20% saving)

3. Zymol Lehm Clay III - buy at normal price of 30, get a free bottle of Zymol Lehm Lube worth 14

(gives a saving worth > 30%)

4. 32 oz Poorboy's Polish with Carnauba (both versions) - Special Price 10

(normal price 14.95, giving a 33% saving)