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    Polished Bliss: 20 year old 3.2 Carerra

    Hi guys, havent really posted anything on here for about a week and a bit - not due to a lack of cars but because we've not really had anything worth posting

    This one was worth it though, a 1987 3.2 Carerra. I love these 911's - My dads first 911 was this style and it was the car i came home from the hospital in on the day i was born :D

    This one had seen better days though, the owner is a customer of ours and Races a 997 GT3 RS Cup Car and had initially bought it for his son to race in the Classics but decided that it was probably too good a car to strip and more than likely wreck, so instead he had me tidy it up a bit. I was quite excited about doing this car as i'd wanted to do it for ages since the first time i saw it sitting in the shed :D

    As you can see it had sat for a good while (road tax ran out 5 years ago!):

    The interior & especially the leather was pretty grubby to say the least aswell, with spots of mould appearing in places:

    I usually like to wash and dry the car before anything else but the battery was as flat as a pancake and the owner wasnt around when i arrived to help me push the car outside, so i decided to tackle the interior first as i knew it would take a good few hours anyways.

    Firstly i dusted out all the vents and scraped out all the crap from between the plastics etc with a triple duty detailing brush. I then thoroughly hoovered the interior and shampoo'd the carpets and matts before cleaning the door shuts etc with an all in one product

    I then set about cleaning the leather as it was prety grubby. Using a mild solution of APC (10:1) and a soft nail brush i gently worked the brush in a circular motion and then wiped dry with an old MF cloth.

    This isnt the worst bit but it gives you an idea of before and after:





    The leather was then fed with Zymol Treat and once the vinyl and plastics had been cleaned with APC (4:1) they were treated with Zymol Vinyl - I'm really starting to like this stuff, it leaves a nice finish without being too shiney and it doesnt leave any oily resiude, its completely dry to the touch:

    The inside glass was then cleaned with Zymol HD Cleanse, the rear window taking a full 15 minutes to get completely crystal clear - Porsche really never thought about us poor detailers when it came to designing the shape of that rear window :D

    The owner then made an appearance so we pushed the car outside to allow me to get it washed.

    The car was foamed with APC through the foam gun twice and this was left to dwell as i soaked the arches with a super de-greaser and cleaned the wheels with a non-acidic wheel gel with the 2 bucket method and an Mf mitt as they were minging!

    The car was then Washed with the TBM and this allowed me to see that just about every panel had some kind of overspray which looked a bit like some sort of wood treatment. Nearly 2 hours later and the car was squeaky clean after i clayed with Zymol Lehm Clay.

    I then dried the car while my trusty Leon charged the Porsche battery via some jumper cables so i could drive the car back into the garage (it was on an upwards slope) :D

    The owner wasnt fussed about paint correction on this particular detail as he just wanted it looking "clean again" so i went straight to HD Cleanse via the PC and a polishing pad @ speed 5, with a slight mist of field glaze used to assist in removal.

    The paint was then fed with Zymol Carbon applied by hand, and all exterior trims were dressed and buffed off 20 mins later.
    The wheels were stil pretty tarnished after washing:

    So out with the fine cut metal polish and a polishing pad:


    The black centres were cleaned with an all in one product,the whole wheel was then sealed and the tyres/arches were dressed.

    The exhaust pipes were polished too with the stubborn tar spots being removed with a Tar & Glue remover.

    The outside Glass was then HD Cleansed and the whole car was given a final wipe down with Field Glaze.

    No outside after pics i'm afraid as the battery went flat again lol, so you'll have to make do with the inside shots (just aswell as it started raining anyways!)



    Total work time: 10.5 hours

    Sorry for the "essay" - i must be in a mood for rambling on tonight :D
    Thanks for looking

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    What a transformation! You guys are the best
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    - Andrew

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    Awesome work!!!!

    Fantastic looking car, and what a difference!

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    Simply the best, thanks for the comprehensive run-down
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    Never seen a 20 year old car looking so good. Great work!
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    such a transformation Clarke - great work :D

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    Still a fan good work dude
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