Ive post this on A3/S3 8L Chassis forum, but I thought I would open this up to everyone.

Hi all,

It’s time already for my A3 to get it’s first service since i bought the car 43400 miles now on the clock. The car was purchased from Arnold Clark as I wasn’t prepared to pay an extra Ł1500 for the same model from Audi (03 TDI). I purchased a two year car plan for servicing and mot, and I was wondering if I should just forget this and take it to Audi or a VAG garage for a service.

Does anyone know what the quality of service is like from AC. Will they cover all the areas that audi would cover for servicing. How much will they know about VAG. Should I ask for any specific checks to be made?

My knowledge of servicing is somewhat limited and would appreciate your views.

Thanks for your help.