Not posted many pics of my car up here, found loads of great info on the site though and this is my A3 after a year of having it and loving it! Heres what I've been upto....
Did a full detail on my A3 a few weeks back and thought I would share it with you guys.
I did the following:
-Snow foam
-De-tar with tardis
-Wheels cleaned with bilberry
-Clay Bar
-Stage 1 DA Polish with 3M Fast Cut Plus and green pad
-Stage 2 DA Polish with Megs 105 and Megs Pad
-Stage 3 DA Poorboys White Diamond
-Hand Waxed with Autoglym HD Wax
-Tyres dressed, windows cleaned with fast glass and exhaust polished
-Wheels sealed with Poorboys and HD Wax

The pics are after another wash and quick detail with megs ultimate detailer

The bay was steam cleaned a while back and is cleaned and dressed in the pic
Thanks :D

When I got it last year