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    R32 Enhancement Detail Plus Wheel Powder Coating

    R32 Enhancement Detail Plus Wheel Powder Coating

    An enhancement detail on a stunning R32 Golf which is in my favourite colour for these cars, the owner also wanted the alloys powder coating in shadow chrome

    Products and equipment used

    Uber microfiber towels
    Chemical guy’s woolly mammoth drying towel
    3m yellow pads 150mm 75 mm
    140 mm Glazing pads
    Halogen site lights
    Makita rotary polisher
    DA Polisher
    Chemical Guys Glossworhz Glaze
    Chemical Guys Celeste dettaglio v2
    Carpro Fixer polish
    Carpro eraser
    3m masking tape
    Meguiars APC
    Costco microfibre towels
    Meguiars hyper dressing
    Valet pro citrus bling
    Bilt Hamber AutoWheels
    Valet Pro PH neutral Snowfoam
    Valet pro tyre dressing
    AMDetails AMbubbles
    Bilt Hamber clay bar
    Autosmart Tardis
    Various brushes
    Kranzle pressure washer
    Carpro Sheepskin wash mitt
    Carpro Dlux
    Noodle wash mitt
    Carpro Lambs wool wash mitt
    Poorboys microfibre clothes
    Uber buffing clothes
    Autobrite Snow foam gun
    Chemical guys Jetseal 109
    Autobrite Repel
    Auto Finesse Mecury Metal Polish
    00 grade wire wool

    The car was then given its first coat of snow foam whilst this was dwelling I went round the car using APC in a foaming head bottle cleaning the fuel filler area and various gaps and grills. The snowfoam was then blasted off with the pressure washer, and then the car was given another coat of the same mix snowfoam and the car was washed using the 2 bucket method with grit guards in both buckets and a Carpro lambswool wash mitt.
    The car was then rinsed off using an open ended hose and I then went round the car with Tardis which was left to go to work before being wiped down with microfibre clothes. The car was then given a coat of Ironx again left to do its stuff before the car was washed down using the pressure washer.
    The car was clayed using citrus bling and water mix (10 to 1) and a Bilt hamber soft clay bar which helped to pull more contaminates from the paint work it was then rewashed using the same method and dried using the woolly mammoth.

    The car was then taken into unit to have the wheels removed ready to be dropped off at the powder coaters early the next morning so once the car was on he axle stands I started on the arches next and they where sprayed with APC and cleaned using various brushes and a noodle wash mitt. They where then sprayed with Tardis which was left do its stuff whilst I moved onto the next arch before going back and being wiped down with a microfibre cloth and left to dry.
    And then before the wheels were refitted after the powder coating they were given a couple of coats of Megs Hyper dressing.

    I then taped the car up and went round with various yellow 3m pads and Carpro Fixer polish, each panel was given a wipe down with Carpro eraser after polishing to check finish and remove any polishing oils.
    I then went round the car and applied a coat of Chemical guys Glossworkz Glaze using the DA and the lake county pad which was left before being buffed using Uber buffing towels.

    Reflection Shot of the wheels lol

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    The car was given 2 coats of the Chemical Guys Celeste dettaglio v2 wax leaving wax to bond for 60min and approx 60min between each coat again buffed using Uber buffing towels

    The plastic trim was dressed using Carpro Dlux which is a cracking product which a little goes a long way and gives a stunning finish.
    After this I cleaned the glass and gave them all 2 coats of Autobrite repel

    Before the alloys were refitted the were sealed using 2 coats of Chemical guys Jetseal 109 and the calipers also given 2 coats and dressed the tyres using the Valet pro tyre dressing.

    Exhaust’s where cleaned up using Auto Finesse metal polish and 00 grade wire wool

    Lots of finished shots as I really love this car

    Here’s a link to my facebook page

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    Stunning job-always liked that R32 shape

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    Cheers matey



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