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    VW Mk6 Golf R in White presented in Auto Finesse DESIRE

    It sure is getting nippy out there, but at least the snow hasn't descended upon the Midlands just yet, unlike this time last year!

    This morning saw me travelling across to Norton Canes, near Cannock, Staffs, to cleanse and protect this sexy Golf R in Candy White ahead of its imminent sale. This particular R is owned by the owner of a local VW/VAG Specialist - Midland VW (Midland VW), who look after my own Edition 30 for me, and have recently fitted my suspension, brakes and ITG Air Intake.

    DSC01209 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Jody, the owner, was kind enough to let me use his premises for this detail, but I only had 5 hours to do what I could with it, with the main aim being to cleanse the paint safely, remove any contamination and to lay down to strong protection.

    I was lucky enough to receive one of the 20 pots of Auto Finesse's new Desire wax, so I would be trying it out for the first time on this R. Jody is going to send me updated, but it's going on my Edition 30 tomorrow too.

    I got started just after 8:30. Here are a few befores - please note I didn't take as many pcis as I normally do as I was really pushed for time:

    DSC01212 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01213 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01214 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Wheels, tyres and arches first, with G101, Smart Wheels, EZ Detail Brush and Swissvax Wheel Brushes:

    DSC01217 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01218 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01219 by RussZS, on Flickr

    I wasn't sure if my lance would fit Jody's PW (which he kindly let me use) so I decided to opt for Auto Finesse Citrus Power as a pre cleaner:

    DSC01220 by RussZS, on Flickr

    This pic gives some context to just how dirty this car was:

    DSC01221 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Next the car was pressure rinsed, hand washed with Auto Finesse Lather, then treated to IronX:

    DSC01223 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01226 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01227 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01228 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Tar was dealt with next, with Auto Finesse's soon-to-be-released Tar & Glue Remover (it works more quickly than Tardis!!):

    DSC01233 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01235 by RussZS, on Flickr

    The Golf was then moved inside to be clayed. Auto Finesse Clay was used, with Citrus Bling as lube:

    DSC01238 by RussZS, on Flickr

    The bar didn't pick much up, which shows just how good IronX and AF T&G are:

    DSC01239 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Next the car was dried then cleansed with Auto Finesse Rejuvenate via Rotary and 3M Polishing pad:

    DSC01242 by RussZS, on Flickr

    As ever, it did a superb job of laying down a slick surface, ideal for applying waxes easily and lifted a bit more dirt from the paint:

    DSC01241 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Next, it was time to lay down some protection. I decided to use Auto Finesse's Desire, which I was lucky enough to receive yesterday - it's so new, it doesn't even have a label on it!

    DSC01240 by RussZS, on Flickr

    I have tried a LOT of waxes in my time, probably over 50 or so, but for ease of use this one is very near the top! James had advised that it shouldn't be left on too long - panel at a time, similar to Spirit, so I left it on for a couple of minutes before removing. Spreading the wax was very easy and it removed without issue at all. One thing I did spot, which really amused me, was that the MF I used to remove the wax seemed to become water repellent - a drip of water fell from the wing mirror and sheeted right off the MF!! I've never seen that before! Clearly only time will tell how this wax holds up in terms of durability, but application, removal and smell and all huge thumbs up from me!

    I'd also have to say that it definitely added a lovely wetness and gloss to the white paint - something which most waxes struggle with, and the reason why I tend to use sealants on lighter colours. This wax could turn out to be VERY special if the durability is strong - I'll make sure I post updated, perhaps in comparison to something like Crystal Rock...

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    - Exhausts with Optimum Metal Polish

    DSC01254 by RussZS, on Flickr

    - Wheels with Auto Finesse Mint Rims
    - Tyres with Pinnacle Black Onyx
    - Glass with Auto Finesse Crystal

    Now for some finished pics:

    DSC01259 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01262 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01263 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01265 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01270 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01273 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01274 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01276 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01278 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01279 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01282 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01286 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01289 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01291 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01293 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01301 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01302 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01304 by RussZS, on Flickr

    DSC01307 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Quick interior pic (not detailed)

    DSC01311 by RussZS, on Flickr

    Thanks to Jody for letting me work on his lovely car and for his superb hospitality

    Thanks for reading

    DSC01309 by RussZS, on Flickr

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    very nice car Russ sad to see such a new car in so bad a condition
    hope the owners maintains your hard work
    all tha in 5 hours too wow suprised you had time to take the pics lol
    supurb turn around tho
    My A4 Detailed and finished with Zymol Glasur

    A4 S-Line SE 220BHp with full Black pack With black badge (rear one still to fit) two tone Leather, Bose, phone prep in centre arm rest, IPOD conection RS4 pedals suede gear knob handbrake and steering wheel R8 oil Cap

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    Stnning work as always Russ

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    Bournemouth, Dorset/ Wallingord, Oxon
    now that's how to detail!
    S3 8L Ming Blue 273bhp & 294lbft h

    Build/project thread
    check it out!



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